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Adopts coming soon! Read desc LEVEL 3

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1 year ago

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It’s coming when I’m finished, but I’ll get it before 12PM my time :D

So Americans uhhh stay yourselves, you’ll see my adopts without having to adjust your sleep schedule (Sana all-)

Europeans eeeeh depending on which time zone you’re at you m a y have to adjust it by a few hours

Asians well, it’s in the morning, not too early tho

Africans, same as the Europeans-

Every other continent I’m very sorry however it depends on where you’re at-

Everything else is gonna be said at the actual adopts post, but I will say there are 6 characters :D
Also no reserving so all is fair

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    Latest DreamiiKuri | Drèam mode©️’s art

    DreamiiKuri | Drèam mode©️


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