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I always dreamed of becoming a comic artist. Fantasized by many mangakas and their works. I used to mimic artists like Shun Saeki, Hirohiko Araki, Junji Ito; yet their style were so iconic, I couldn't tell myself "I did this" whenever I mimicked their art.

I was just an artist that was lost in search for his art

Until one day, I had encountered "Sun Ken Rock", and I was in awe. Seeing the muscles and emotions expressed in Boichi's art always excited me. He inspired me to start learning human anatomy on my own, so I could one day master it and reach to his level of detailing.

After finding out that Boichi had an artbook. I was really desperate to get my hands on it, that I was planning to even build a shrine and lay it there. But my parents wouldn't let me get anything unless it was related to education. I then came across this event, and I knew that my time and chance has come. I can't let it fly away.
(this is the only seller that can deliver to my location)🙏


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