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1 month ago

  • medibangpaint

  • illustration

  • Dress-up_Challenge

  • kimono

  • teal

  • flower

  • cute

  • メディバンライブラリ

  • meimi-chan

  • spring

About the outfit:
When I think of the word 'spring' the first thing that comes to my mind is 'flowers'! So I wanted to include lots of flowers while dressing up Meimi chan! Also I wanted her to be in her traditional clothes therefore it lead to a kimono inspired outfit!

She wears Geta (下駄) in her feet, floral semi transparent stockings, a short pleated skirt with red underside, her nagajuban (長襦袢) collar is white, floral coat with blues and greens, floral teal coloured obi (帯) with reds, a floral pattered fan, floral head accessories with popping red strings!

The minimal popping red and Meimi Chan's bright pink ears and tail look complimentary in accordance to the colour wheel to the teal colour used which in turn matches with Meimi chan's eyes.

Thank you~


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