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Know the artist!  [I tried my best] ;u;

3 months ago
  • SilverCloud25
    Aaaand I forgot to add Asperger again DAMMIT -_-
  • 0tter64
    The oldest objects I have are my stuffed otter (10+) and my blankie. (12+) I’ve had them since early in my childhood.
  • SilverCloud25
    > Gabkat
    Gosh really? It was a miracle that the legs didn't look like planks XD
  • SilverCloud25
    > LunarTheMegafury
    Hell yeah, and you don't know how difficult it was to keep her with me, after many moves, garage cleaning, small children who used to take my stuffed animals away, dogs with no respect for the property of others, many rips due to her old age that I've repaired....

    btw her name is Blanquita :3
  • Gabkat
    your human anatomy is as good as your cat anatomy!
  • Amazing!!! I love this so freaking much!! ♡♡
  • LunarTheMegafury
    u still have your stuffy that u had since day one?? lucky..mine flew out the window..i miss her sm
    :( this is really great tho! (gosh i miss pinky sm. she was my first stuffy and i loved her sm. she was a pink dog with light pink paws. i wish the window wasnt open the time she was in the car)
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