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Name: Starry/ Sex: Female/ Age: 18

Personality: Starry usually is a shy type girl, she loves heading out to discover new things though and got a genuine curiosity sense about pretty much everything.

Way of speaking: She talks very politely and formal.

Ability: With her long art brush, Starry creates incredible paintings with power to shape reality. She can create simple stuff, like an umbrella to protect herself from enemies or create more complex kinds of things with her artwork, like a war tank or even giant waves to push off enemies and keep them away from her.

Hobby: She appreciates all kinds of art, enjoys reading books and hanging out to visit museums.

Weakness: She hates being ignored.

Character Trainer: Apollo (God that appears in Greco-Roman Mythology).

Trainer Comment: Despite being shy, deep inside she loves to be noticed by others and to be the center of attentions when she uses her powers to create interesting stuff.


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