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1 month ago

  • SoBadItsGood

Jelly belly Dragons are puddy squishy dragon like creatures that were originally made by a fairy to keep her family from going hungry they have tasty jelly that drips from their bellies that can usually be eaten and tails that grow into food
_food tails
_jelly bellies
_forked tongues
_,fur all over their bodies
_squishy with no bones
_can walk upright or on all fours
_no fingers or toes
****Their tails poop off which can be eaten ! ******
•jelly belly Dragons come in 3sizes
• these creatures are mostly kind
• they prefer to stay in groups or with others they are very social
• their tails grow back after a few hours
• jelly belly Dragons can fly and most prefer flight over walking
• try are very soft and can be used as stress ball without being harmed
These are the most cute and friendly mystical creatures that are difficult to be found


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