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2 months ago


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Hello!! It's been a while hasn't it? So for the people wondering why I've been absent; as you all know there's now a global pandemic surrounding the globe and all schools across my state recently got shut down. It's also testing and SAT season which means I've just been very stressed lately.

I am still drawing, don't worry! I don't plan on stopping anytime soon either! I just haven't gotten around to posting is all.

So for now while my house, school, and state are on lockdown, I can draw to ease the tension. If you're also concerned and want clearer updates I also have an instagram where I am active every day so don't worry I'm fine!

As for all of you I hope you're all safe and are taking precautions to keep others safe from this pandemic, remember to wash your hands, stay cleanly and avoid large public events. Stay safe!


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