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Monday, August 2, 2021
MediBang Paint Releases Premium Service
“MediBang Premium” holds a special discount campaign!
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MediBang Inc. (headquarter: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. CEO: Hideyuki Takashima hereinafter referred to as "MediBang") releases MediBang Premium, a premium service for illustration and manga production software "MediBang Paint", on September 2, 2021.
MediBang Premium starts at 330 yen per month (or 2,480 yen per year) and includes over 200 paid materials and a variety of new features that will be implemented in the future.
For more information about "MediBang Premium", please visit the following website.

- MediBang Premium:

◆Get a 20% off discount for MediBang Premium!


To celebrate the release of MediBang Premium, we are offering a special discount campaign (Campaign period: August 2, 2021 to August 26, 2021).
Register your email address to the campaign form below and receive a special discount coupon! You can buy MediBang Premium for only 1,980 yen/year instead of the regular price of 2,480 yen/year for the first year. ※The discount campaign is only available for the 20GB cloud capacity plan.
Please take this opportunity to get MediBang Premium!

URL: MediBang Premium Release Discount Campaign Form

◆About the future

With the release of "MediBang Premium", MediBang will further accelerate the evolution of MediBang Paint and continue to support the creative activities of MediBang Paint users with MediBang's mission of "anyone in the world can become a creator".

◆About MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is one of the world's largest illustration and manga creation software, with 17 languages, both domestic and international, and since its release in November 2014, it has expanded and spread worldwide at an extremely fast pace for a painting software, reaching a cumulative total of over 60 million downloads in about 6.5 years. Since its release in November 2014, it has expanded and spread around the world at a very fast pace for a painting software. In addition to its high basic performance, the software has unique features such as multi-language support, cloud (storage and materials), team creation, and the MediBang Library, a function for beginners. It is also compatible with multiple platforms (PC, iOS, Android), allowing you to create in any environment.


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