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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Having achieved 9 million members Illustration / Manga posting site "​MediBang!"
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ART street

MediBang Inc.(HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hideyuki Takashima) , which operates illustration and manga posting site ​"MediBang!" , has changed its name and logo design to "ART street"!!

【The reason for changing its name】

 "​ART", which represents general works of art, and "street" as a place where various people come and go, in the hope that mutual communication between "artists" and "viewers" of illustrations and mangas around the world becomes possible.

  Meanwhile, having achieved 29m downloads of its signature paint studio MediBang Paint, as well as the deployment if its eponymous artworks submission site, MediBang! have been misled by some of the users. MediBang! was not the exclusive submission site for MediBangPaint users, but for all the creators who can easily and freely to submit their artworks. In order to clarify this confusion, the name of the submission site has been changed to "​ART street".

​ART street provides various services to all our members,including providing chances for creators to make their debut in this entertainment world.The main goal is to support and make a well-established environment for all the creators.

 We aim to become a site where illustrations and mangas are posted worldwide, expecting both viewers and creators may enjoy in our service.

 However, the logo and the name of MediBang will still remain in ART street submission site. Those services as following will still remain in its developments and operations.

・ Illustration/Mangapostingsite&SNSservice"ARTstreet"

・ Illustration/Mangadigiataldigitalpaintingapplication"MediBangPaint"


MediBang Inc.

President:​Hideyuki Takashima


Location:​Shibuya Infoss Annex Level 10 12-10 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, JAPAN


PIC : Hirayanagi

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