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Friday, August 28, 2015
「MediBang Paint Mini」has finally been released on the iPhone!
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MediBang Paint Mini is a free digital painting app that uses the cloud to sync up with it’s desktop and tablet counterparts.

MediBang Paint Mini is a available on the iTunes store for free.


Tokyo, Japan- August, 2015 - MediBang Paint Mini - iPhone has been released on the iTunes Store. Available on many different platforms, MediBang Paint employees cloud saving to allow artists to move their work and work settings between PCs, tablets, and smartphones. MediBang Paint is currently available as MediBang Paint Pro on Windows/Mac OSx, MediBang Paint Tablet on Android, and iOS tablets, and MediBang Paint Mini on Android, and iOS smartphones. With the release of the iPhone version, MediBang has moved one more step closer to allowing artist to create anywhere they go.

・Numerous customizable brushes
・Layers with blending modes
・Tools for transforming, rotating and scaling
・800 types of tones, pre-made backgrounds, and other resources
・Cloud saving for easily moving files between platforms
・Easy to use comic book creation tools
・Auto Recovery
・Guides for drawing curves, straight lines, and vanishing points

MediBang Paint Mini’s interface is optimized for the iPhone to make it easy to use. Users can easily open and collapse menu panels to access MediBang Paint’s large amount of tools. This feature also allows them to have as much drawing space as possible. Customizable shortcuts can be set for users to switch to their favorite tools in one touch.

One of MediBang Paint’s main features is it’s cloud storage. This allows artist to seamlessly work on their projects in MediBang Paint on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Users can also safely backup and manage their files, or share them with other users. Brushes and color palette settings also carry over from other versions of MediBang Paint when signed in to the app for even more convenience.


Future Updates

MediBang constantly listens to input from users and plans to keep adding features, brushes, and backgrounds in order to keep them satisfied. MediBang Paint Mini is a formidable weapon that every artist should have in their arsenal.

About MediBang

MediBang Inc provides free digital painting apps and software to illustrators and comic book artists worldwide.
The company was founded in Jan 2015 by CEO Hideyuki Takashima.
Based in Tokyo, Japan, MediBang Inc released MediBang Paint in November 2014 and MediBang Paint Tablet (Android ver) in summer 2015. Learn more about MediBang at