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Everyone was so patient, and so supportive, and I am so happy that I got a chance to create this world and these character. I love them so much and I want to continue this story as a series, so I hope others love them too!
I definitely let my humor, tastes, and personality saturate this more than any other I've done. Like I said at the very start, I wrote this selfishly, so it differs from Japanese manga's stereotypes and humor a little I think. If it reads as weird to you, I am okay with that trade off for the enjoyment I got out of creating this. And thank you for reading what I've created!!!!!!
Anyways, I'm taking October off to rest and storyboard the next couple chapters, which are already partially written. I can't wait to continue this!!!!

(Lol and the cover is the least colored/detailed one I've done. I may redo it since it's not tied to a contest but I've been at my computer for 16 hours- thats excluding breaks- and I was so ready to turn it in. I hope my alien looking characters don't offend your senses too much, and maybe i'll do a better one!!)

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