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MoopDeBoop D🐉D
MediBang ID: DoOdLeDrAgOnIsEasterBunny

Moop De Boop... Here I go DOING stuff. 😅 Hi I'm DD (DoOdLe DrAgOn) Just Your typical small, will be your friend, shy-ish . I like
🐉 Dragons
🌊 Water/Oceans
~Self confidence level- 0~
*Sips Chocolate Ehgs In The Background☕*
(Might be the easter bunny *hands Chocolate ehg* ;)
✨She/They/Them ✨
I have horrible grammar and I speak French.. Hmph Je ne sais pas quoi d'autre a ecrire ici alors.. 😄😅 (Follow me if you want, it would be nice😜)
Smol vent, i guess
It's fine, im fine....

Everyone hates me
They all laugh at me behind my back
Im stupid, ugly and just poor excuse for a human being
I complain about little things when people out there are starving and dying, I m a stupid spoiled little girl
I dont desvere anything
I am lazy and mean
Im untrustworthy
Its like someones whispering in my ear, telling me how horrible i am... and i cant fight it... because it could be true.

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