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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

mcnugget ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆
MediBang ID: raincloud

☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆
Hewo I’m dragon’s purr I’m super depressed and lonely
Demi , 14 , my art is TrashTM
Requests: depends mostly open
Art trades: open! :)
Fan art is not ok because I have no fans :,)
I’m so fuckin TIRED
I want to die
Follow me on Deviant Art :
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wHat aBoUt NASCAR??
I’m sorry I haven’t been active guys
I know I said I would be posting more now that I have 100 followers ( or at least I did at one point)
School has started so I’ve been busy with classes and homework
Yeah 9th grade is great
But not as great as my cat scratching me so that I can’t type
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