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The things we love,
The things we hate,
Aren't the things that we can choose to stay in our life everyday.
As we live our normal days,
Our life become shorter as every hour and each day.
Wishing we could get more time to stay,
But no one can deny the fact,
that every thing has a end.
Sometime it's bad sometimes it's good.
U forgot the memories that we made,
I am screaming out loud as i am dieing from this pain
asking u to remember me and tell me it will be okay
And now that i am fine.
U came back in my life
telling me u want to be with me every single second
But Sorry maybe u got the wrong person young lady because i am not alive u are just seeing a ghost.
Just rest for sometime and when u wake up u will be fine
Because i am not so cruel like u.
who killed me in my past life
__ nagisa

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