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Time For A Change of Pace
I've decided, after much deliberation, that I'm going to take a break indefinitely from Volume Zero. It's not that it was going nowhere- on the contrary, I believe I could sustain a series with it and also believe I was on the right track in making it popular. My family said my recent storyboards were the best I've ever done, and I may draw them. Eventually.
But I started my first oneshot two years ago, and of all the sketches and paintings and storyboards I've done, less than a fifth of that has made it onto this website- and almost none of the ones I was most proud of. I thought, as opposed to drawing what came naturally to me, which is slice of life and emotional manga, Volume Zero would be popular. So I focused on that. But I haven't really enjoyed it for a long time.
I don't expect this to break any hearts or anything but I figured I'd explain why the series isn't continuing and I'm posting new stuff. I have four oneshots that I've storyboarded in the year since I've come up with Volume Zero, plus others that I didn't like as much or ideas that I discarded, and several other series ideas. Right now I'm going to draw some of those oneshots and increase my skill, and then hopefully start a series about a famous street of eclectic artisan shops in a city's shopping district, where I can focus on characters and drawing cool stuff and emotions, which is what I love. I'm excited for the new chapter in my artistic life, and I'm happy to put Volume Zero to rest for now, as since my first oneshot about a boy following his brother's dreams to the city, I have done nothing else.
Thank you all for your continued support of my work! I can't wait to see what you create, and I'm excited to join you in drawing something I can really pour my heart into!
Meet the two main characters of that manga, Isabelle and Shinji! (If anyone REAAAAALLY paid attention in my last oneshot, you'd notice "Star Boutique" in the background. Shinji was an Emanator's brother and he designed almost everything you saw Emanators wear, including Allion's suit. He was set up to be a big part of Volume Zero, but he's since been reassigned.)

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