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Ok, here's this
You know that topic I posted that 'explained' things? That wasn't the whole story lol
I came out. My parents though they needed to come on here and see what I've been saying and doing, and didn't like all the venting. They said I could only stay on here if I distanced myself from venters.
I was trying to make people who vent hate me so they would block me. Then I wouldn't have to do it myself and feel like a jerk.
It doesn't bother me much really, I usually just skim over the ones with tw warnings. I'm sorry but I felt I had to post the other one to protect my spot on here. I realize now, though, that that wasn't me talking, I sounded a lot more like I was just trying to hurt people.
I'm sorrrrrrry but I was scared of losing this place and all my friends on it.

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