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Idk what this even is?
I honestly really really like this version of her, but I change Cross too much because I keep “changing” irl as I age ^^” Sooo alternate realitY? Maybe overtale I think?

I should honestly consider making an actual “persona” persona? Who doesn’t turn into an oc lol but I don’t know if I should or not *shrug*

Also, this isn’t meant to offend anyone with “triggers” or anything despite the bg image and words. This was just a little “coping” doodle of mine, myself. I’m really sorry if I offend you in any way and for like, wasting a good 5-10 minutes of your time ehehehe- Uh anyways, hope you guys are doing well and uh let me know some thoughts??? Yeppers 👌

Ps. Bg image belongs to google images

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