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scream. boiledsunflowers
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boiledsunflowers CREATOR RANK SILVER
heyo im sunny! I love webtoons and anime and pretty much anything cute i do my commissions here ↳ @artby_adalayah on instagram (30$ max) hope you enjoy my art as much as i enjoy making it.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Read my webcomic Moonlit Garden here!

also g e o r g e m o d e

my pinterest here
QnA answers 2
(these questions are by Bella, go follow them!) Q: cats or dogs? A: I honestly love both equally.
Q:,Favorite song? A:my favorite song right now has to be Lover is a day by cuco I also like summer connection by taeko ohnuki
Q: what inspired you to draw: A: well this is definitely a long one, growing up me and my brothers loved jaiden animations we were there since her first video and not long after that my brother wanted to become an animator! he stopped after maybe a year im not sure why but does still draw from time to time. I dont exactly have a thing that inspired me to draw but ive always wanted to tell stories through my art in animation or in webcomic form. I loved drawing all my favorite minecraft youtubers like LDshadowlady, Yammy, and laurenzside. oddly enough without minecraft I probably wouldnt be here. I loved youtube and comedy skits that they do. i became serious about art around 4 months ago when i got my brothers old drawing tablet. As of right now im learning how to do animation.
Favorite color? Baby pink and light yellow.

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