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Mother fucking dumpling
So my mom saw my art street and uhh........

She said my art was so good that I could do commissions......... I- it ain't good enough though! I mean I'm happy that my mother supports my hobby but my art is fucking trash don't give me that "you should do commissions" I can't draw humans worth a shit and I'm sure humans/humanoids are going to be the most requested don't give me that shit, my art isn't not good enough 😳

I sound pissed but I'm genuinely happy that my mother supports my art and doesn't want me to leave art street, I didn't tell her anything about it because I didn't want her questioning my ocs and their designs, like Arthur's design, because he straight up looks like a malnourished alien thing that eats nothing but drugs, can you sat drugs??? Is it considered eating it if you take it? Uhhhh idk I only drink drugs 😏 *hints at the coffee*
Where was I, oh yeah, I just didn't want her questioning my most important oc of my, the one who is most important to me that everyone on here loves, only for her to hate it, but ig my fear was just me being scared of what could happen, though idk her full opinion on him yet, only my sister told me that she saw my art and considering most of my art has something to do with Arthur, she must have seen him at least a few times

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