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Hi, if your looking at this it probably means I somehow got a little decent at drawing and I’m probably 15, but right now I am 12. I was born September 18. I have been drawing since i was about 5 and started drawing anime at 7. ( I was a big Dragon Ball Z Otaku, but I’m past that now) I started drawing on tablets and computers only last year so please don’t judge. I guess that in the future I hope to be a writer of a hit series. But I need to get much better for that!
Leaving for a bit...
Hello everyone. I know I just got to 60 followers and I'm so happy thank you everyone. I will be taking some time to get better (It may be a long time) because I have been looking at my friends illustrations and have seen they're way better! So I guess this is my goodbye (I will be back though)... I will still be looking on art street just not posting for now. :(

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