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Something I'd like to clarify.
I never said that I was exactly in the right for everything I did, nor did I think it. The *ONLY* time I believe I was was in the Baldi situation, and clearly that's long gone and people still support him. Aside from that, while there are times were I don't know what I did, I know I'm in the wrong with everyone else. And just because I don't know what I did does not mean I don't know that I am in the wrong. There are situations where both parties are in the wrong, which I will not mention as it is irrelevant.
I would like to rekindle some friendships but clearly most of the people who blocked me don't, so I just won't bother.
I will say that I do apologize for the things I did, even if for some of them I don't know what.

Faith: For making you uncomfortable with those comments. I thought what I was saying was a genuine compliment and not some creepy bullshit. I didn't know that what I said in that server would affect you at all, and for that, I apologize as well (despite the fact I already did.).
Jean: I don't know what I did but I apologize for whatever it was.
Naru: For talking about you like that. I know you won't unblock me, since you didn't unblock me after Skull said something about it. Plus you already blocked him anyway.
Pat: For not caring and for talking about Faith like that.

While I don't see myself ever becoming friends with these people again, it was brought to my attention earlier today.

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