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Not a sketch dump (A sketch scatter)
Okay I've been drawing a lot but I'm only posting ONE because I just want people to know I'm still ALIVE and also I really liked drawing this one. My friend came in my back door wearing a deer onesie, and she told me I should draw Eli wearing it so I went with it hahaha- she gives me the best ideas lol
Eli can't talk but I literally forgot about that and so he's shouting here WHY. AU where everything's the same but my own mc doesn't have an issue that is obviously an important part of his life. Best writer 10/10 feel free to judge
And update: I haven't started drawing yet because I have so much to do in terms of design for this story. I have to design all the shops, the merchandise, the Friday Festa displays, the shop owners AND their employees and the clothes all the characters wear. This is by far the most intricately planned manga I've ever tried to write. It's so setting centric that I can't put these details off till later volumes where they become more relevant. Anyways, look forward to the fruits of my labor!

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