What isMANGA Plus CreatorsMonthly Awards

Aim for Publication on
Jump+ & MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA

Monthly Awards are the Manga awards that are conducted every month on MANGA Plus Creators by SHUEISHA.
All works (up to 3 episodes for a series) that are posted from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month are ranked. Works ranked within the top 10 become the final selections for the awards.
SHUEISHA editors will decide the winners from the final selection!


Gold Award

Publication on
Jump+ & MANGA Plus
+ Prize Money 1,000,000JPY

Silver Award

Publication on + Prize Money 300,000JPY

Bronze Award

Publication on + Prize Money 100,000JPY

Creators Award

Prize Money 30,000JPY


Every Month

Start accepting the entries

All works(up to 3 episodes for a series) that are posted from the 1st day to the end of the month are considered as entries for the monthly awards of the month.

Every Month

Start Displaying the Ranking

Ranking will be made based on the score calculated during the first 7 days after submitting a work.The ranking will be displayed from the 2nd day of the month, and updated everyday.

of Month


Deadline of entries for the Monthly Awards is the end of the month.

Next Month

Ranking is settled and selection of winners starts

The editorial team of SHUEISHA will screen and select the winning piece from the works that entered in the top 10 when the Monthly Awards ranking is finalized.

Months Later

Winner Announcement

After the selection by editors, the result of awards will be announced on the website of MANGA Plus Creators.

How We Calculate

Score for ranking is based on the number of PV, Likes, Favorites, and bonus points for following the recommended forms
  • To be recommended image size(1,920×2,560px)or more
  • All of the pages have the same image size
  • Page direction is right swipe and the opening page starts from the left
  • More than 8 pages
of submission.
If you post several episodes of a Manga series, the episode that has the highest score will be considered as an entry.


  • Ranking is separated between works in English and Spanish.
  • One-shots and up to three episodes of a Manga series that are submitted on MANGA Plus Creators are eligible for auto entry of the Monthly Awards. (Ex: If you submit the 1st episode in January, it will be eligible for the Monthly Awards of January. Then if you submit 2nd and 3rd episodes in February, those two will still be eligible for the Monthly Awards of February.) From the 4th episode, it will not be eligible for Monthly Awards.
  • If it is already published in a commercial magazine or commercial site or published as a book, your work might be excluded from the awards.
  • We might not announce the awarded works when the creator declines the award.
  • We announce the awarded works on the website of MANGA Plus Creators.
  • There may be a month where only a few awards will be announced depending on the situation.
  • Please note that there is no extra reward for publishing on Jump + and MANGA Plus.
  • We might decide to cancel the award depending on the situation.
  • We can not answer inquiries about the result of awards. Please understand.
  • Please note that we may ask the creators to moderate a part of their work when the awarded work has been chosen for publication on MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA (app, website), Jump+ (app, website) and other magazines or ebooks etc.