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Submission Guidelines - MediBang Inc.

MediBang Inc., (hereinafter referred to as ''The Company") adheres to the guidelines (hereinafter referred to as "Submission Guidelines") established by the Company in order to ensure the sound and appropriate operations of our services. All users must follow those terms mentioned below when submitting artworks.

■ Guideline Policies
  • The Submission Guidelines apply to all submissions, including manga, illustrations, and other images.
  • The Company may adjust the age limit of the submission without notifying its users if the Company finds the material is not in accordance with the Submission Guidelines.
■ Submissions To The Site
  • Users must designate an appropriate age limit based on the Submission Guidelines when submitting ther artworks.。
  • The Company shall, in the case of images that contain inappropriate content for a person under eighteen (18), verify if a person who wishes to access that content is eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • Furthermore, R18 artworks or any other submitted forbidden images are not permitted to be uploaded to mypage. (Includes cover pictures, profile icons, backgrounds, etc.)
■The standard of age limit
1.Viewers of all ages
Works for which any conditions listed below in 2 or 3 do not apply.
2.Frequent baring of skin, light sexual themes
  • Semi-nude, swimsuits or underpants, etc., featuring skin exposure;
  • Though there are no direct depictions of nipples or genitals, contains depictions of sexuality (regardless of gender or age)
    Eg. hugging, kissing, revealing underwear, emphasized cleavage / breast(s) / buttocks / crotch, and any depictions implying sexual acts, etc.
    ※ Emphasized depictions of genitals under clothing is considered to be R18.
3.Mature Content (Partial exposure, sexual, grotesque, violent, anti-social themes)
  • Depictions of sex organs (even if censored via mosaic, etc.) 
  • Direct depictions of sexual intercourse, sexual touching, etc.
  • Depictions containing implied sexual behavior
  • Grotesque acts depicted in vivid detail
  • Depictions of excessive violence
  • Depictions of drug use (eg. opiods, stimulants) legal or illegal
■Prohibited Matters

No User may submit content containing any of the following in using the Service. In the event any violation of this Prohibited Matters provision has been committed, unfavorable measures such as deregistration, suspension of use, deletion or suspension of publication of the Graphics and Other Information in whole or in part may be taken.

  • Uncensored and/or insufficiently modified, depictions of sexual acts or sex organs;
  • Child pornography or child abuse (based on apparent age);
  • Act that includes any depictions related to any ethnic group, discretion, sex, job, religion, or otherwise that could amount to discrimination;
  • The Hakenkreuz, hexagrams, Quran, the likeness of Muhammad, or content considered internationally taboo;
  • Content which slanders, intimidates, economically or mentally harms, or disadvantages;
  • Content which promotes anti-social acts;
  • Content which infringes personality rights or privacy rights;
  • In the case of illustrations, artworks consisting primarily of text, photos, or screenshots;
  • Content which infringes on a third party's intellectual property rights, trademark, etc.;
  • Promotion, advertisement, solicitation, or marketing on the Service that is not approved by The Company in advance (excepting Doujinshi convention promotion, etc.) ;
  • Any other acts that The Company deems to be inappropriate.

Other prohibited matters are mentioned in our "Terms of Service".
Terms of Service