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About Registration

Is registration required?
Viewing free titles from this site does not require registration.
Submitting or selling your work requires registration.
Is this site free to use?
Signing up is free. Uploading, viewing submissions and selling your work are all free.※

※If you want to purchase goods on ART street of course you will be require to pay for them.

My confirmation email never arrived.
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[PC email]

The email may have been sent to your Spam folder/Junk Mail or erased.
Please check that no messages have been sent to your spam folder or trash can.
After you've located the email click on the link inside to finish activating your account.
In order to receive emails in the future, please change your inbox settings to receive emails from the MediBang domain.

After that you can have the email re-sent in the User Info page.

[Cell Phone email]

Depending on your carrier's settings you may not be able to receive messages from anything other than other cell phones.
You can change your email settings to accept emails from the domain and then have the email re-sent from the User Info page.


The second possibilty is that you incorrectly entered your email address.
Please try re-registering.
I forgot my password.
On the login page click "Forgot Password?"
I can't log in.
Two things could have possibly happened.

1.You could have incorrectly entered your password.

(1) Make sure that you used the correct casing (upper case or lower case) when entering your password.
(2) If that doesn't help reset your password by clicking 'Forgot password?' on the login page.

2. Your email address is incorrect.

(1) Make sure that you used the correct casing (upper case or lower case) when entering your email address.
(2) Try to log in using any other address you could have possibly registered with.

You can check you inboxes for announcements from MediBang to see which email address you registered under.

'Email address cannot be confirmed' was displayed.
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After it is re-sent you should be able to click the link inside the email.

Until you confirm your email address your account will have the following restrictions.

registration incomplete registered
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I want to check my user info.
From the User Information page, you can check your username, registration e-mail address, password, and linked bank accounts.
You can access this page by clicking on the cog shapped icon near the top of the ART street page.
I want to change my user info.
On the user info page click the 'Modify' button to the right of the section you would like to change.

※After changing your email address or password you will receive an email with a link you need to click in order to confirm your new info.

I want to delete my account
Please submit your request on the Withdraw page.
All data related to works that you have submitted to the website, or purchased, will be erased. Please note that we do not restore data after you withdraw from MediBang. In addition, you will not be able to register with the same email address again after you have withdrawn from MediBang.
Your application for withdrawal will be cancelled if you log in with the email address of the account withdrawn from MediBang within two weeks after you have submitted the application.

About buying and selling

How do I sell my work?
1. From your list of submissions click on the 'Details' of the book you want to sell.
2. From 'Publish / Sell' choose what store you want to sell on, the price, and the trial settings.
3. At the very top of the details page, click the button to publish your work on other stores to begin the process.
How can I get my money after selling something?
1. On the Account Info page, register a bank account or PayPal account in the ‘Bank Account’ or ‘PayPal Account’ sections. (※)
2. Next select 'Balance' on the user info page.

※Only bank accounts created in Japan can be registered.

※Be careful when inputting your bank account infomation any mistakes will prevent you from being able to transfer money.
※For Yuucho Bank users you need to check the Yuucho Bank home page for your bank branch, bank account number, and other information.

※ If your account information is incorrect you will be unable to receive payments. Please make sure your information is entered correctly.

※ After PayPal payments have been made they must be accepted within 30 days. Please make that sure you accept your payments within 30 days otherwise they will be withdrawn.

How much money can I transfer?
In order to transfer money you need a balance of at least 1000 yen.
If you request a transfer with less than 1000 yen the transfer will not be made until you have over a 1000 yen balance.
You can view proceeds from the previous day.
How long does it take for me to receive money after it's been transferred?

1 Using a bank account

The money should arrive the Friday of the following week.
If that Friday happens to be a holiday the money should arrive the next business day.
(Banks will apply surcharges to bank transfers.)

2 Using PayPal

Transfers will be made Friday the following week to the PayPal account registered by the user in Japanese currency. Users will be responsible for currency conversion fees.

How much is the surcharge for transfers?

1 Using a bank account

The fees vary from bank to bank.

Transfer surcharge Rakuten Bank 105 yen
Other banks Under 30,000 yen 168 yen
Over 30,000 yen 262 yen
If there is an error with your registered bank account
a 660 yen penalty may be charged.

2 Using PayPal

Proceeds will be transferred in Japanese Yen

Transaction fees will vary depending on country, region, and currency. Please check with PayPal for details.

What happens to my sales if I want to close my account?
As long as you have a balance over 1000 yen your proceeds will be transferred to you once you close your account.
If you have less than 1000 yen, proceeds in your balance it will not be transferred.
What are the payment methods when purchasing a book?
Payments can be made by credit card or by PayPal.
Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards are accepted.
Will the author of a book be notified if I purchase their book?
They will not be notified.
If a book I purchase is edited do I need to purchase it again?
If a book you've purchased has been changed or edited, (including pricing and other information), you can still view the edited version.
Can I read books I've purchased if it's become unlisted or deleted from ART street?
Once purchased, the published works can be viewed freely from the "Bookshelf" even after being removed privately.
Can I cancel a purchase?
You cannot cancel electronic book purchases.


What is ART street Ranking?
ART street Arrive is a new popular illustration display function provided by ART street.
When you publish an illustration on ART street, you participate automatically in ART street Arrive!
  • ART street Ranking is divided into 7 levels: LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4, LEVEL 5, LEVEL 6, and LEVEL 7.
  • When you publish your artwork, it will first appear in "New Illustrations". If it remains in the ranking, it will go up to “LEVEL 1” 4 days after the publication of the illustration, and “LEVEL 2” 1 week later. After that, it is counted every week from LEVELing UP, and if it remains in the ranking, it will be LEVELed UP to “LEVEL 3”, “LEVEL 4”…! If you advance past “LEVEL 6”, it will be posted on “LEVEL 7” for 1 month (30 days).
    Number of days since the publication date Period Name LEVEL UP rate
    first dayNew IllustrationsAll participation
    4 days laterLEVEL 120%
    One week laterLEVEL 210%
    2 weeks laterLEVEL 35%
    3 weeks laterLEVEL 42.5%
    4 weeks laterLEVEL 51%
    5 weeks laterLEVEL 60.3%
    6 weeks laterLEVEL 70.1%
  • An illustration will not be posted on different LEVELs at the same time.
  • If the illustration remains till "LEVEL 2 (2weeks)", the award history mark will be displayed on the corresponding illustration. It is also displayed in the list of illustrations and related works.
  • The popularity of the illustrations are calculated by ART street's algorithm based on the number of views, comments, favorites, shares, and likes.
  • R18 works with mild sexual expression that expose the skin are not eligible for ART street Ranking.
  • If illustrations that were released without age restrictions at the time of submission conflict with the guidelines, the management may set age restrictions. Please be careful.

* Achieving a high LEVEL in ART street Arrive is the equivalent to the LEVELs in ART street Ranking.

What is the challenger system?

・On tutorials and references, you can post an artwork that shows what you made based on the tutorial.

■Requirements for enabling the challenger system

  • Entries that may help other users when drawing such as tutorials, painting process, or lineart materias
  • Your artwork might not be accepted due to the following reasons.
    - It is not a tutorial
    - It has R-18 contents
    - It is not an original tutorial
    ※Even if it is not accepted as a tutorial, it will still be a public post on ART street.

[To artists that posts tutorials]

■How to enable the challenger system

[For new illustrations]

  1. 1. Upload the illustration
  2. 2. Below the challenger settings, check "Enable challengers"
  3. 3. Click "Submit (Publish)"

[For illustrations already posted]

  1. 1. Select "Illustration" from "Your Submissions"
  2. 2. Select "Details" of the artwork that you want to enable
  3. 3. Select "Edit"
  4. 4. Check "Enable challengers" below the challenger settings
  5. 5. Select "Submit (Publish)"

・Only set this for tutorials
・We will review the artwork before it is accepted as a tutorial, so it might take a while before users can post to the challenger
・After reviewing, you will see the results in the notification.

■ How to disable or enable the challenger system

  1. 1. Select "Illustration" from "Your Submissions"
  2. 2. Select "Details" of the artwork that you want to enable
  3. 3. Select "Edit"
  4. 4. Check "Accepting challengers" or "Disable challengers" below the challenger settings
  5. 5. Select "Submit (Publish)"

■ How to turn off the challenger system

  1. 1. Select "Illustration" from "Your Submissions"
  2. 2. Select "Details" of the artwork that you want to disable
  3. 3. Select "Edit"
  4. 4. Uncheck "Enable challengers" below the challenger settings
  5. 5. Select "Submit (Publish)"

Once you stop the challenger system, all the challenger posts for this artwork will be deleted, and cannot be restored.

[For creators that want to post as challengers]

Artwork with the tag "The_Challengers" has the system enabled.

■ How to post as a challenger

  1. 1. Click "Post as a challenger" in the challenger area under the details, or in the list of the challengers
  2. 2. Upload an illustration, and write your thoughts
  3. 3. Click "post"

■ How to delete the challenger post

  1. 1. Click "Details" under the challenger post
  2. 2. Click "Delete"

* You can delete the challenger posted on your artwork, or delete the challenger post you made.

What is ranking?

A ranking among the popular artists on ART street. There are 3 different ranks, with different criteria.

Trending Ranking

Ranking of outstanding artists on ART street

Artists with a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum creator rank.

How the rank is calculated:

  • The LEVEL of the artwork in the ART street Ranking and the amount is converted to a score.

*At least 3 artwork is needed to be ranked.

Rookie Ranking

Ranks the fastest growing newcomer artists

Artists without a creator rank

How the rank is calculated:

  • The views, comments, favorites, shares, likes, etc. of the new artwork is converted to scores.

Best score Ranking

Top artist ranking of each creator rank

Artists with a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum creator rank.

How the rank is calculated:

  • The views, favorites, likes, etc. of artworks that achieved LEVEL4 or higher on ART street Ranking is converted to scores.
  • The total score of the artwork at the time ART street Ranking period is over will be the final score.
  • The rank is based on the artwork with the highest score.
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