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Managing your MediBang account

How to reset password and mail address.

Please click here to reset your password.
Enter your email address and an email with a link to change your password will be sent to your address.
Once you have clicked the link and entered your new password, the process will complete.

Registration email and password reset email hasn't arrived.

There are two possibilities.

1 If you are unable to receive the message due to your mailer settings, etc.

【In the case of e-mail address on your computer】

There is a possibility that the email has been sorted into your spam folder or trash, or has been deleted.
Please check your spam folder or trash to see if you have received an email from MediBang.
If you have received the email, please click on the link in the email to complete the registration process.
If you cannot find the email, please set "" as your receiving domain and resend the email from the "Confirmation" button in the User Information Page.

【For mobile email addresses】

If you are using a mobile phone, it is possible that your carrier's settings do not allow you to receive emails from non-mobile phones.
Please check the settings on your device, set "" as a domain you can receive emails from, and resend the confirmation email from the "Confirmation" button in the User Information Page.

2 If the email address you entered is wrong

There is a possibility that the email address you entered is incorrect.
Please check the email address displayed on the User Information Page and resend the email using the "Confirmation" button.

The URL I receive when I register for a MediBang account has expired. What should I do if I want to register again?

Click on the "Resend Confirmation Email" button in the User Information Page to send a confirmation email.
Click on the URL in the email sent to your registered email address to complete this registration.

How to change account infomation

Please chage on User Information Page.

How to stop announcement.

Please change the "Notifications" setting on the User Information Page to "Do not receive".
Depending on the timing of your settings, you may receive several e-mails even if you set the "Do not receive" option. Please be aware of this in advance.

How to withdraw from MediBang?

If you wish to withdraw from MediBang, please click "Withdraw from MediBang".
If you withdraw from MediBang, all data related to your submitted and purchased works will be deleted. Please note that there is no data recovery after withdrawal. Also, you will not be able to re-register with the same email address after withdrawal.
If you log in with the email address of the account you withdrew from within two weeks of your withdrawal request, your withdrawal request will be canceled.

Can I transfer the status of my old account to my new account?

You cannot transfer the status of your old account.

About Submission on ART street

Can I only submit my artwork that are drawn by MediBangPaint?

You can submit any analog and digital artwork that is drawn by any paint tool.

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size differs between illustrations and manga.





The maximum file size: 200MB
The maximum pages: 500 Pages


The maximum file size: 5MB per a page
The maximum files: total of 500 files

How to delete my submission?


Please click "Delete" on ART street TOP>My Page>Your Submissions.


Please select a manga and click "Delete" on ART street TOP>My Page>Your Submissions
※You cannot delete a submission that was submitted past a contest's due date.

Can I replace my submitted work?

Submissions cannot be replaced. Please resubmit.

How can I turn a comic into a series?

  1. Upload your manga from the "Submit" page.
  2. After you have finished uploading your manga, go ART street TOP>My Page>Your Submissions and click "Series" in the list of works, and click "Create Series".
  3. Enter "Series Title", "Summary", "Language", and other information for the series, and click "Save".
  4. Select "Back to Series" in the page, and then click "Edit".
  5. Select all the submissions you want to add to the series, and click "Save".

About service of ART street

ART street's free tracing materials can be used for paid commissions or product creation?

Permission is granted on the condition that the ART street logo is not removed from each material.
We are not responsible for any problem as a result of using our materials for secondary works.

How do I receive my reward?

Your reward will be credited to your MediBang account. Please refer to "How can I get my money after selling something?" in the help page. You can use an account in Japan or a PayPal account.

Can I publish my achievements on my website, SNS, etc.?

Yes, you can.

What are the benefits of Creator Rank?

Please refer to "What is Creator Rank?" page.

What will I need to do when I become an ambassador?

We are asking you to share your illustrations, videos, etc. on social networking sites, take part in surveys, and help us make our service more exciting. For more information, please visit the MediBang official ambassador page.

Are there any monetary rewards for ambassadors?

There are no monetary rewards.

Do I have to submit my work to ART street to become an ambassador?

Submission of work to ART street is not required.

About the Contest

Can I participate in the competition if I use other illustration software (drawing tools) than MediBang Paint?

Basically, you can participate in the contest. However, some contests may have specific entry requirements, so please check the entry requirements for each contest.

Can I participate in the competition with hand-drawn works on paper instead of digitally?

Unless the entry requirements for the contest you wish to enter state otherwise, you may submit hand-drawn or paper illustrations. Please scan or take a photo of your drawing and follow the entry instructions for each contest. We do not accept entries by e-mail or post mail.

Is there an age limit?

There are no age restrictions unless specified in the application guidelines for the contest you wish to enter.

Can I upload my entries to other platforms such as SNS?

As long as it is not specified in the entry guidelines of the contest, it is fine.

I mistakenly entered a contest I wasn't planning to enter.

You can change it by yourself within the contest entry period. Go to "Submissions", select the work you have submitted by mistake, and change the check mark on the contest entry banner. After that, click "Submit (Public)" for illustrations, or "Publish Latest" for manga.

Is it possible to replace an entry after the deadline?

Please note that entries cannot be replaced. You can change your entry by deleting your entry and resubmitting a new one during the submission period.

Can I submit my past entries to a different contest?

Please check the application guidelines of the contest you have already entered and the contes you want to enter. If there is no indication that duplicate entries are not allowed, there is no problem.

Can I delete or hide my previous submissions?

No editing or deletion is allowed after the contest application period ends, except for adding tags. Please refer to Article 6.5 of the Contest Rules.
If you wish to delete an entry for unavoidable reasons, please send us the content ID of the entry you wish to delete through the Contact Us form. We will take steps to make it private.

How do I receive my prize money?

The prize money will be credited to your MediBang account. Please see "How can I get my money after selling something?" on the help page. If you live in a country that does not allow PayPal to debit your account, please contact us.

About MediBang Paint

Do I need to pay for each device? I want to share functionality across multiple devices.

Each of Android/iPad/iPhone requires a purchase.

Is there any way to set the brush size above the maximum size?

The maximum size is determined for each platform, and you cannot set more than the maximum size.
PC version: 1000px
iPhone, iPad version: 500px
Android version: 300px

I don't know how to apply brushes purchased from ART street to MediBang Paint.

Please refer to the "Brush Registration Manual" enclosed in your pack for instructions on how to register your brushes in MediBang Paint for each device.

I have been using MediBang Paint without creating a MediBang account. If I create a MediBang account, will I lose my existing data?

Your existing data will remain same.

Can I move works that are not stored in the cloud to other devices?

You can navigate from the share button of each work displayed in "My Gallery" < "Device".

Can I use MediBang Paint as a tool for ICT schools (including online schools), events, etc.?

It is possible to use the service itself, but we ask that you let us know. Please contact us from the Contact Page when you use this service.

Can I use Cloud's free materials (brushes, etc.) for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use Cloud's free materials for commercial purposes.

About Jump Paint

I don't know how to return to the home screen from the canvas screen.

For Android

Select "≡" < "Exit" at the bottom left of the canvas to return to the home screen. (It is recommended to select "Save" to save the canvas before quitting.)

For iPhone

Click "≡" at the bottom left of the canvas and select "Close Canvas" to go back to the home screen. (It is recommended that you select "Save" to save the canvas before closing it.)

For iPad

Select "≡" in the upper left corner of the canvas < "Close Canvas" to return to the home screen. (It is recommended to select "Save" before closing the canvas to save the canvas.)

Is cloud text available for commercial purposes?

Yes, it is available for commercial purposes.

Suddenly, the text in the app turned white. Can I get them back? (iOS)

If your device is set to "Dark mode", you may not be able to read text. This can be fixed by setting "Appearance mode" to "Light" in "Settings" < "Screen Display & Brightness" on the device.

About MediBang Colors

After selecting a line drawing from the album and displaying it, the screen does not change to the painting screen.

Select a line drawing from "My work" <"No color">, and then select "Start coloring" to open the painting screen.

How do I delete my submissions?

Please note that the submitted works will be shared within the app as materials for coloring, and cannot be deleted by the user. Please understand beforehand.

Please check FAQ before contacting us.
※Please note that we will not reply to questions that have answers to FAQ.