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About MediBang Premium services at JUMP PAINT

As of 2/9/2021 MediBang Premium services have been launched.

Although the MediBang Paint version compatible with MediBang Premium has already been released, as far as JUMP PAINT is concerned, we have not yet completed the reconciliation with MediBang Premium(*1), so we apologize to all users for the inconvenience we are causing them.

*1: The most recent version as of 10/9/2021 (Version 4.0 for PC / version 4.3 for Android / version 4.1 for iOS).

About limitations due to MediBang Premium

From the start of MediBang Premium services, the following limitations on cloud functions apply:

  • Maximum cloud storage capacity: from 3 GB and up (depending on the type of MediBang Premium plan you are subscribed to).
  • Maximum number of "Firend Team" in which you can participate: 3 teams (This number does not include teams owned by yourself).
  • Access to the last 3 versions of saved jobs.

For more information about MediBang Premium, please refer to the following link:

By subscribing to MediBang Premium, you will be exempt from these limitations.

To subscribe to MediBang Premium, please click on the following link:

About the messages that appear at the moment of exceeding the limitations:

When you are beyond the limitations set by MediBang Premium, and you try to use the application in a state where the cloud functions are not available, you will see an "error" message on the screen. However, if the application is not updated to a version compatible with MediBang Premium(*1), you may see a message that is not appropriate to your situation and says: "You are not authorized to make modifications to this image".

In case you are unable to open the files stored in the cloud, or have any other problem related to the limitations of the cloud service, please go to the following page (user information page), to check whether or not you are over the maximum limit of cloud storage and/or the number of computers in which you can participate.

User Information Page:

About MediBang Premium's features

As for the cloud features, you can enjoy the same benefits that are available in MediBang Paint.

As for the special benefit of free use of all MediBang Paint functions, this is not available in JUMP PAINT.

Likewise, as for the exclusive brushes and materials for MediBang Premium, although you cannot start using them directly from JUMP PAINT, it is possible to download them from the following link and import them to JUMP PAINT, and thus use them within the application.

For more information about the special benefits of MediBang Premium, please refer to the following link: