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MediBang Inc. initiates tie-up projects with
companies providing various products and services,
via the MediBang Paint Pro official website,
ART street.


Tie-ups are available in various styles to promote your products and services.

  • Banners and Articles

    Have a wider audience recognise your product and let them simulate the experience!

  • Competitions

    Gather manga / illustrations from all over the world and get users involved in the campaign!

  • Subscriptions by E-Mail

    Reach out to at most 22 Million users of MediBang!

If you have an idea for campaigns or collaboration projects, discuss with us anytime!

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User Types and Strengths of MediBang
Our Users and Strength

MediBang User Traits

Gender Ratio

MediBang Paint
ART street*In total

Females 61%,Males 39%

Active user ratio by languages

MediBang Paint

English speaking areas 18.5%,Chinese (Simplified) 12.4%,Japanese 14.5%,Spanish 15.1%,Korean 11.2%,Indonesia 4.2%,Taiwanese, Hong Kong (Traditional)  3.9%,Russian3.6%,Others (2116 Languages) 16.5%

Age groups

MediBang Paint
ART street*In total

Average Age: 26.6

18-24 50%,25-34 24%,35-44 11%,45-54 8%,55-64 4%,65+ 3%

Ratio of creators

Exceptionally high ratio of creators

MediBang 91%,International art community D Approx.29%,Online art community P Approx.10%

Users active on social media

Information easily shared as most creators are highly active on social media platforms

MediBang 87.4%,General Approx.54.1%

Areas of interest by MediBang users

Broad range of interests from areas related to illustration, such as Anime and Manga, to other areas including Music.

Anime / Manga

YES 87.2%,YES 23.6%

Users of MediBang

Users of other social media

3 times more


YES 71.8%,YES 21.0%

Users of MediBang

Users of other social media

3 times more


YES 45.2%,YES 24.9%

Users of MediBang

Users of other social media


YES 41.1%,YES 27.8%

Users of MediBang

Users of other social media

Statistics from analyzing user profiles of SocialRank and Instagram via Macromill

With extremely high ratio of creators, in both MediBang Paint and ART street,
companies providing services for creators and environments can
experience highly effective campaigns

MediBang tie-up examples
Tie-up Case Studies

If you would like to see further details on banner advertisements, subscriptions and competitions,
please check the following guidance files.

Flow of tie-up projects
TIe-up flow

  • STEP 01
    Contact Us

    Please contact us via the contact forum.

  • STEP 02
    Target Groups and Vision

    We will decide and specify the concepts as well as the targeting audience, together with our marketing team.

  • STEP 03

    Finalise the format and schedule of the tie-up project to enhance the effects of promotion.

  • STEP 04
    Agreement and Initiation

    We will manage the campaigns under your supervision and have you confirm the content details we produce.

Even for companies concerned with not knowing how to advertise,
please be assured as the MediBang team will fully support you from inquiry until publication.

Any corporates simply interested in our projects or those with a potential proposal,
please do not hesitate to contact us from the forums below!


We only accept inquiries in Japanese, English, Spanish and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Please note that we are only available to respond from Monday to Friday, 10AM to 6PM JST. We cannot answer on weekends and national holidays, we thank you for your understanding.

  • *Any personal information collected will only be used for contact and replies. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.