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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

Creators Rank

What is

Creators Rank?

Creators Rank

  • 4 creator ranks are set for creators according to achievements on ART street Ranking, and various rank badges are presented.
  • Creator rank is updated every day in the early morning (Japan time standard).
  • Acquired creator rank and rank badge will expire one year after acquisition.
  • If you meet the promotion criteria, you will advance in your rank.
Creators Rank

Creator Rank Promotion Criteria List

  • Platinum

    Creators withLEVEL 7achievements on ART street Ranking

  • Gold

    Creator withLEVEL 6achievement on ART street Ranking

  • Silver

    Creator withLEVEL 5achievements on ART street Ranking

  • Bronze

    Creator with LEVEL 4 achievement on ART street Ranking

About LEVEL (Moving to the page of ART street Ranking)

You can check your creator rank and rank badge

in this section of my page.

It is not displayed if the creator rank requirement is not met.

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