For creators

How can I post my work?

Please access Manga Plus Creators and post it from PC or Smartphone. It is required to register Manga Plus Creators in order to post your work. After registering and logging in, you will be able to post the work from the header on the upper right on the display of PC version, or menu on the upper left of the display of Smartphone version. Please log in from hereExternal link.

Is it allowed to post a work that is already released on my own website or other Manga site?

You can post works that are already released on the other website or services as long as it does not violate copyrights. In addition, you can keep your works public on the other websites after submitting on Manga Plus Creators.

  • *We are not responsible for the terms of other websites or services, so please check it by yourself before submitting.

Is it allowed to post a work that is published in a commercial magazine or awarded in other Manga contests?

You can post it as long as it does not violate the rights of third parties. However, it might be excluded even if it reaches the final selection of the Monthly Awards or contests.

  • *We are not responsible for the terms of other awards or contests, so please check it by yourself before submitting.

Can I submit a draft or a name before inking?

You can submit a draft, name, and a Manga drawn with pencil. However, your work might not be published if we consider it is improper as a Manga. (For example, it is considered improper if it does not contain illustrations or the drawing is incomprehensible.)

Is there any specific description of the acceptable level of sexual and grotesque expression?

In regard to the expressions, please refer to Submission GuidelinesExternal link carefully. We judge based on the way how it is expressed, so we can not describe what is precisely acceptable or not.

  • *Depending on the contents, your work might be deleted or you might be banned. Please note.

I posted a work but it is not displayed.

If there is considerable possibility that your work violates Submission Guidelines, we might temporarily hide it. It will be disclosed after we confirm that it does not include content that violates Submission Guidelines. On the other hand, the managing team will send you an email if something improper is found. Please refer to thisExternal link if you don’t receive the email.
Please understand that we can not tell you the specific part that is considered as a violation.

I posted the first episode but it was made private. In that case, is it possible to post the next episode?

Even if the first episode is private, you can publish the next episode in public as long as it does not violate Submission Guidelines.

My work is displayed in the web version but not in the app version.

The web version and app version have different standards, so there is a possibility that your work is only displayed in one of them. There might be a time lag in the publication on the application version when you submit your work.

I want to change the reading direction from horizontal to vertical after publishing my work.

You can not change the reading direction after publishing. Please decide carefully before posting it. In order to change the reading direction, you need to delete the episode once, and repost it as a new submission.

  • *If you delete an episode, the numbers of views, likes, favorites, and badges will be reset.

How does the “Genre” works?

In "Genre", you can select up to two genres: "Genre 1" and "Genre 2" for the work. Some pages, such as the genre list page, may display works based on "Genre 1". For "Genre 1", please select the genre most suitable for your work.

Are there any differences in the standard of publishing depending on the genre of a work?

No. The genre does not make any difference in terms of the standards of publishing nor the application of the guideline.

I want to use a different account for a different submission. Is it allowed to make two accounts?

Registration or re-registration might be refused when double registration is found. Users registration is explained in the article 6 in the terms of service. Please check hereExternal link for more information.

Is there any way to deactivate fan comments of my submission?

Please open the edit page of your work from Dashboard. You can deactivate fan comments from “Other settings” at the bottom of the page.

  • *If you uncheck the “Allow to comment”, all the comments you have received will be deleted.

Can I list up the comments I received?

You can check all of the comments you received by following the steps below.
Dashboard > received comments

Can a professional Manga creator win the Monthly Awards?

All posts have a chance to win the Monthly Awards regardless of whether it is drawn by a professional or not as long as it does not violate the rights of third parties, Terms of Service and Submission Guidelines.

  • *If the right that is necessary for publishing on Manga Plus and Shonen Jump Plus belongs to other company, the work can not get an award.

Is there any rule about the number of pages of submissions for Monthly Awards?

There is no rule about it but we recommend you to submit your work that consists of more than 8 pages.

  • *Regarding the publishment of the awarded works, there is a possibility that we can not display all of the pages depending on the number of pages. Please understand.

Should stories of submissions for Monthly Awards be completed?

You can submit stories that are not completed yet.

I’m not sure about the entry period of Monthly Awards and the Ranking period.

For example, dates for Monthly Awards: July, 2022 are like below.

  • Entry period : July 1st ~July 31th
  • Ranking of Monthly Awards will be calculated around : August 7th ~
  • Awards winners of Monthly Awards will be announced around : the mid of September ~

Does it make it easier to reach the final selection if I post at the beginning of the month?

When you post your submission makes a slight difference in the possibility of reaching the final selection, but we are trying to make less differences to be fair when we calculate for the ranking.

Where do you announce the result of the Monthly Awards?

We announce the award winning submissions on the website of MPC.

Do you have any other Manga Awards other than the Monthly Awards?

MPC has Manga contests as well. You can check the list of the contests from hereExternal link.

How do I transfer my submission from ARTstreet?

Select the work you want to transfer from ART street and tap the “Transfer to MANGA Plus Creators” button that is on the right side of your work.
Then, please follow the instructions that appear on the display.

Can I fix my work that is already published?

You can resubmit by choosing the episode you want to resubmit from the list of published episodes and tapping “Resubmit this episode”.

  • *Resubmitting an episode might affect on the numbers below.
  • Total number of the viewers of the episode
  • Total number of Likes of the episode
  • Score of the Monthly Awards Ranking you are currently entering

Is there a limit for the number of pages and files of submissions?

Limit of the pages : Up to 100 pages in total
Limit of the files : Up to 5MB for each file. / jpg, png, and mdp are eligible.

How do I receive my prize money?

The prize money will be credited to your MediBang account. Please see "How can I get my money after selling something?External link" on the help page.

It says "Your email address is not confirmed yet".

You need to finish the confirmation of your email address for posting your work and leaving your fan comment.
You can use all of the functions by sending the confirmation email from the user's information page on ART street, and proceed with the email confirmation.

For readers

Is it possible to read Manga without creating an account (or logging in)?

You can read Manga without creating an account (or logging in), but some of the functions won't be available.

  • Functions including "Fan comments", "Like", "Favorite" and "Follow" require you to create an account. (or log in)

What are the differences between using MANGA Plus Creators by SHUEISHA on the app version and the website version?

You can read Manga on both the app version and the website version of MANGA Plus Creators by SHUEISHA.
However, you can not use some functions such as “Fan Comment”, “Like”, “Favorite” and “Follow”.

What is "Like"?

"Like" is the function that readers can evaluate works that they liked.
The amount of "Like" the work received would be reflected on the result of Popular works and Monthly award.

How many times can I send "Like"?

You can send "Like" only once to each episode.

What is "Fan comment"?

Comment function allows you to send fan comments to works or creators.
This will motivate the creators, so please leave comments and your thoughts about their works.

  • *If you leave a comment that is not supportive (Such as slandering, irrelevant comment, making others feel uncomfortable, and other inappropriate comment), we might delete it or restrict your comment without warning.

Can anyone leave comments?

Anyone can leave a comment as long as they are logged in.

I would like to delete a comment I wrote.

You can delete it by tapping the "Delete" button next to your own comment.
Please note that you might not be able to delete it if the current Login ID is different from the one you used when you commented, or you are using a different application device.

My comment has been deleted.

Your comment might be hidden if you ignore notions in "What is Fan comment" or we receive a certain amount of reports from creators and readers.

Can I write my address in a comment so that the creator can reply to me?

Do not write your personal information in the fan comment section.

What are "Follow" and "Favorite" ?

By following the creator and favoriting works that you liked, you can find them easily later.

  • *"Follow" and "Favorite" require you to log in.

What is the "Monthly Awards"?

"Monthly Awards" are Manga awards that are conducted every month on Manga Plus Creators by SHUEISHA. For more information, please check here.

What is the mark that is placed in the upper right of the icon of the work?

Badges will be given to the works that are highly evaluated by the managing team or the works that win Manga awards such as Monthly Awards.
Works that are valued by the managing team based on its “Drawing skills”, “Structure”, “Story”, “Expression”, “Characters”, and “Originality” would receive the Assessment Badge. On the other hand, works that win the Monthly Awards and such would receive the Award Badge. You can get more detailed info about them from the page about details of the works.

What is the criterion for the rankings of popular works and Monthly Awards?

Popular works and the Monthly Awards are ranked by our original calculation algorithm based on many factors, including the number of views, likes, favorites, and the evaluations by editors. We do not provide users the details on the criterions and how we calculate the numbers.

I found a work that violates the terms of service.

Please report it from the “Viewer” of the page about details of the works. On Manga Plus Creators, works that include the contents mentioned below will be considered as a violation.

Terms of ServiceExternal link


What is JUMP +?

JUMP + is a Manga streaming app/ website by SHUEISHA inc. that is available in Japan.
It streams popular Manga works including One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, SPY × FAMILY and Kaiju No.8.

What is MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA ?

MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA is a Manga streaming app/ website by SHUEISHA inc. that is available all over the world. (Except Japan, Korea and China)
It streams popular Manga works including One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, SPY × FAMILY and Monster #8 in 7 languages for free simultaneously with Japan.

What is ART street?

ART street is a social media service for Illustration and Manga lovers! Let’s communicate with creators and fans all over the world through artworks! ART street has collaboration contests with publishers and makers available now!