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Re-organization of tags and inputting English tags


Medibang Inc.

Thank you for using MediBang.

At present, with tags currently in use,
there are a large number which differ from others only in capitalization, or which are abbreviations of other tags.

With this in mind, in order to make searching for tags more conveninent, for aforementioned variations in tags such as "anime", "fanart", "oc", "art", "illustration", we will be merging multiple instances of such tags into its single, lower-case tag.
For example, Currently, for the tag "illustration", there are also tags such as "Illustration", "ILLUSTRATION", "ILLUST", "illust" all of which have the same meaning but are registered as different tags, so they will all be merged into one tag: "illustration".

Additionally, in line with the idea of preventing duplication of tags,please be aware that after this reorganization process,
if you input a tag that is recognised as a variation of an official tag, it will be changed and saved as the official tag.

We plan to make the above changes on April 4th, 2019 (Thursday).
Thank you for your understanding.