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  • > koskies .v.

  • > Skibble got frozen of course!

  • Can I hug you instead ;-;


Illustrations has been published.

Spebbles, it's ok-

  • > koskies Welll, I hung up earlier on accident, so caLl mE bAck

  • > Skibble that's good to hear! though, it was ok, really. > >

  • But I’m better now >>

  • No it fookin ain’t


Illustrations has been published.

Angy and Normal

  • > koskies oki

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooooi the character is shuichi saihara, from danganronpa v3.

  • > koskies I know because I have a friend who’s obsessed with danganronpa but my question was how this is about danganronpa

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooooi there's more to the series. there's trigger happy havoc (first anime and game), ultra despair girls, danganronpa 2: goodbye despair, danganronpa 3 (anime), and danganronpa v3.

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