I want to be a comic artist, an animator, an illustrator, and a graphic designer...

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4 hours / Day
Extremely busy Thank you for visiting! Do come again when I'm hopefully less busy...
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Gonna work on this today, and get as much of the line work done as possible, Then tomorrow I will work on the colouring in the same way if I get up to it. Hopefully, by Tuesday I can post these to you.

Then next week after the 24 hrly comic is done, I return to working on MMM (Mystic Messenger Mini), my main uploading place for all these comics is Tapas, but I'm thinking I will upload some here. Just because I have this space and I feel I'm not using it as much as I could be. (Maybe I'll upload my more story driven comics... like MMM and Magical Creators. And a new one that is currently in the works... but that's secret for now!).

Then after I've finished a portion of MMM that I'm satisfied with I may post up more pages for my series, "Magical Creators".
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