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art block (´-﹏-`;)

okii so uhhnm idRk wot to draw right now so like anyone wanna like give me reuqwests ? aHH srry I'm juss t rlly tireds 😇😐😐🤠

  • babe,,,,,,,,dr,aw,,,,,,us,,,,,,,,,babe draw us

  • Can you draw my demon oc Asura? You can find her ref in my gallery. It'd be nice to see how you draw her! Thanks <3

  • maybe draw my lil lady, Loli?

  • I wish you to cope with the art block😎😉


uknow,, idt that some1 will ever find me more than a friend.
maybe if I don't actlike me they will :/ but if i do they wont
idk what's wrong with me but seems like a load of people don't want to be with me,,
and ive been feeling like crying for the entire day now,, people just love to take advantage of me huh 😂
like for all of u peeps that have someone to like say "ily 💕" and stuff don't be the person that screen shots every chat msg they send u that's cute and send it to somewhere,, just cherish the moment.
not saying u can't tho, I'm just saying

  • > [ꜱᴏꜰᴛ•ᴍɪʟᴋ] of course qwq

  • > g0atmeal thank u 4 teh adviceqwq 💕💖💘💞

  • You really shouldn't feel bad for being single ... And you're 12 . I'd wait a year or two on the romance .

  • As a person who currently isn't looking for anyone because if house rules, it's okay. It's normal to be single, especially when you're this young. In my opinion, you should wait it out until you've gotten everything sorted out and you're free of it all. But.. that's just me. Though, I'll give my non-biast statement here too. You'll find someone eventually.. that's all. 💖💗❤💕

Be yourself (a poem for English)

Its okay to like attention,, right?
Its okay to be selfish too! sometimes,,
I wish I didn't question all the time
Ah, f--- it!
I like the attention, but not all the time
There's a difference, but you know.
I added a guy on Snapchat the other day
we really hit it off
He's so cute and nice
Do I like him? Yes
He likes to swim,,
He looks slim,,
I love it when he texts me back
He called me cute yesterday
I blushed again today,
Maybe he doesn't like me
(He has a girlfriend)
Maybe I should steal him?
(Yes, just do it)
Maybe I should,
There could
Be something --
(You know what, that's a dumb thing
of course he doesnt like you!)
Never mind I don't think he's interested
I mean, they're happy together
but me and him could be too.
(Just feel blue)
I act sad
For him to talk to me
I love it,
his gentle voice
Too bad he has someone else...
They broke up
(Really? That's great!)
Maybe I should give him space,
(Ask him out!)
I could be more nice
Maybe be more happy!
(Yes, Yes!)
That'll get him for sure
(Well, maybe not)
yeah you're right.
He's married...
(Haha, that sucks)
Yeah, I guess
It was bound to happen,
I wasn't myself,
I could've had him!
If I've been myself,
(You sure? I don't think you would've)
Go away
You're useless
(You can't get rid or your thoughts, silly)
Well, I know, but
I don't need your advice cuz
it sucks.
He's divorced,
I be myself
I help him get through it
I'm still being myself
He falls for me,
We date,
He says he loves me
I say I love him too,
He pulls out the ring
I say yes
I buy the dress
He buys the suit
He looks so cute.
I got him just by,
Being myself.

  • [wholesome ugly sobbing]

  • /ugly cry

I'm kind of thinking of making a

Comic! And probably posting it on webtoon
but ofc I have to figure out the plot of the story that I'm thinking of,,
then again I want to start it maybe in 4 years or so,, depends on my art in the future because I want my comic to look good and be good!
just an idea tho so I'm not sure if I'll officially do it

  • You're good enough to start now , even though your work does seem to have some noticeable flaws ... For example Same Face Syndrome is one of them . Other then that , you're good . Go for it .

  • sounds gr8 just let us know!

  • yoooo i can’t wait !!!

  • id say come up with a basic plot/characters as a starting point!