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Armin Arlert Attack on Titan

  • 眼泪不争气地从嘴角淌下|˄·͈༝·͈˄₎.。oO

  • > Tia Arts o-o we have the same name

  • My god..

  • Woaaah


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Miyamura Horimiya Polaroid

  • I fell in love with the technique, since i saw your painting i’ve been trying it, thx <3

  • 好可爱好可爱!

  • It's a good painting.I love it. Ah, ah, ah, ah.

  • epic!


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Kuzuha Nijisanji vtuber

  • あなたわ神様ですが?好き、ドキドキ!

  • 神様!!

  • 太强了

  • 好帥啊啊!!喜歡!!!


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Horimiya Miyamura Izumi 宮村 伊澄

  • I love the way miyamura looks in your style it's so cool!!!

  • just watched the anime,this looks so cool :0

  • > l.uju You only changed the hair. They look like twins with different personalities. This looks amazing!

  • Whoa I love your artstyle


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Gojo Satoru 五条悟 呪術廻戦

  • 好帅好帅

  • love love love in

  • ta muy chido

  • 先生は本当にいい絵を描いていますね。もっと同人図を見てほしいですね


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Mahito 真人

  • That reminds me of Sally Face. Good job!

  • 真的是神仙

  • this is so cool omg

  • > Rarara Me gusto


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Nakyum Painter Of The Night

  • .•+-seeing this drawing made me have very vivid flash backs 😃😨-.+•

  • > EFFORT The title of the Manhwa is "Painter of the Night" (yaoi).

  • > JILN What is that comic title??

  • 나귬X 나겸O


Illustrations has been published.

Daisuke Kambe

  • 先生は本当に頑張っていますね。頑張ってください

  • So, I've been following you for quite a while now and I have to say "wow”! Every time I look at your art, I am just blown away. Like, damn lol. But I do have a couple questions. Don't worry, you don't have to answer these. Question #1; how long have you been doing digital art, well art in general? I've been doing digital art for a couple years and I'm still struggling with some dynamics like details. Question #. This one you definitely don’t have to answer, what platform do you use? I use procreate and a little bit of MediBang but I’m also trying to expand my comfort zone a little bit😅. Actually that’s really all the questions I can think of sorry for getting a little personal, this is all just curiosity, please don’t hate. If you do respond, I, thank you🙏.

  • I love it!

  • So beatiful ♡