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Adopts part 7

  • > ..::PineApply_::.. Bring the dummy I am I forgot to say which emojis for the adopt, everything else is your choice. 🎱🎧🗂(in case you can’t see them, they’re an 8ball, a pair of headphones, and a stack of files.)

  • Thanks!

  • Accepted! The tubes on his chest mean something, they’re Norse. Use this information as you wish.

  • >Darkking So, this bean, R2, again, was born from a comet hitting the earth, and was made fun of and prodded by humans. He got sick of it one day, and tried to stand up to them, but ended up in a trash can. A human came along and found him, and her name was Emilia. She took her into her home, and at first, Emilias mom did not accept Soloist at all into her home. So, the two met up after Emilias school, and Emilias mother finally let Soloist in. Soloist and Emilia now spend time together, roaming through the woods after Emilias school.