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TBT status!

I wonder, how do japanese mangaka artist draw such an interesting manga. Their work and effort they put in always looks as if they took days to make just that one page. Even more so when they make a mistake and have to restart. Not only their art is good, so is the story. Its all perfectly laid out in a perfect pace and perfect moment.

I tried to conpare my manga, Truth-be-Told, to another more famous manga. I noticed a lot of differences. I saw that TBT was a much more fast pace and went through many scenes in only under 30 pages. My art certantly is nothing compared to the more famous manga but i let that slide since, even if i put more detail or tried to fix it in anyway, id probably finish it, publish it, and read it myself and notice plently of mistakes.

This is probably my biggest problem, wich is trying to make the paceing of the story work. I believe its because when i work, the proccess is very slow makeing it seem at first that its a perfect pace, when really its not. Ive been working on my paceing in the last half of chapter 1 but im not so sure i really made a change. Maybe i need some real advice from someone whos been working on manga or maybe even comics for decades. If i was given the chance, my only question would be "how do you take your time when working with the story dureing drawing the panels?" Or in other words "how do you make a better pace when drawing manga?"

Those would be my only questions. But im curious, if any of you were given the chance to ask a proffessional manga artist, or just artists in general, what would you ask them? From advice to experience.

Loves 😙
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  • Naufal Mashiro
    do you draw a name first? it's important
  • Night T.

  • DemMonkeyzUwU
    > P.F.P.R.
    wut you saying fam
  • P.F.P.R.
    K. Solo te diré una cosa pequeña saltamontes, hazlo como tu te plazca, es cierto de que algunos mangas, los autores se esmeraron mucho en que sus dibujos tengan chiste y se vean reales, pero que eso no te reprima se paciente y tranquila con tu trabajo, no importa el tiempo que le dediques a tu proyecto ya que vale la pena de que tu trabajo sea algo maravilloso pero con un buen tiempo en fabricarlo que hacerlo todo mal y que tu fama se vaya por los suelos.
    Eso es todo. See ya.