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Martia comic update

ok so i got most of the script done already! that was fast. it was hard too cause i didnt wanna make it so long to were the comic ends up 100 pages, so i had to down the dialogue and all that. i also said id work on my dialogue considering my past comics has had it unwell, and work on panels but we'll get to that later. well in this comic, Martia, I try to make it short but still give as mush detail as possible. I still want you readers to understand whats going on and take all the story in, and have it be done in around 50 pages (hopefully). it may end up rushed but thats why its practice, which is what the next topic is for.

even after reading this, how good it may become, or even bad, please do not get high hopes for it when it comes out. it was made only for the sake of comic book practice and I might do squeals of it (most likely not) it will only be a oneshot and I do not want to end up attached to it, or be asked for me if any need be. so you may take the comic seriously but please also do not compare it to pro artists like maybe the iconic shen creator of blue chair or silentmaru creator of ecstacy hearts. im not like some account with millions of followers XD. I know it may sound weird to ask you not to get your hope up, when i should, but it is just for practice, nothing more. i still would appreciate feedback and critique from it :)

anyways, im also in the works of creating Martia and Neptune's reference pages. I might post them once their done but ill have to see where things go for Martia. if it ends up being a hit I might explain more detail on it and show more, like maybe the rest of the reference pages and maybe talking about how I got inspired to make the comic so sudden. I know it sounds pro but to be truth, those might be the only two things I will do ^_^')

I might post about this on instagram but, im not sure. I dont get a whole lot of attention there let alone here so idk maybe I wont and just say it here and all. that or I will and people will get their hopes up, waiting for it, and finally have it. like I said I dont want it to be serious comic book writing, but it would be nice to get a lil attention out of it you know?

anyways thats another topic for another day. ttyl guys! luvs ^3^)
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