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MediBang Paint official mascot design contest! Winner Announcement!

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We would like to thank everyone who participated.
Out of 1,813 entries the following were chosen!

The winning characters will be used as official MediBang Paint mascots.
We're proud to be able to use these amazing designs as official mascots.
We plan to hold more contest for artists in the future.
We'd like to thank you once again for participating.

MediBang Paint Official Mascot Design Contest

First Place

An iPad Pro and ApplePencil

  • PAINTエリア管理員★メディーちゃん



    I really appreciate you selecting me out of so many people. Thank you so much.
    When I was designing the character, I thought about what to incorporate into the design to make it appealing. I thought about the character’s personality, likes and dislikes, how she speaks, and the kind of world she’s from. I wanted to make her easy to remember.
    I’ll keep trying my best to make appealing characters in the future. Thank you again for this opportunity.


    The coloring is extremely well done and the design is great. We really like how the MediBang logo was incorporated into the hair accessories and pets. The design and setting are too cute. We like this character so much we had to award it.

MediBang Paint Official Mascot Design Contest

Second Place

Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus Pen


  • 私と一緒にお絵かきしよう!


    Winner Comment

    Thank you for choosing me out of so many entrants. I’ve always wanted to design characters, so I decided to enter this contest. I had a lot of fun participating. I’ll try keep working hard in the future. Once again, thank you.

    MediBang Comment

    The way the MediBang logo was used in the picture is great. The watercolor gives off a wonderful atmosphere. The detailed background is also a really nice touch. Over all this piece has a great sense of balance.

  • 創造の軌跡


    Winner Comment

    I’m really honored my submission was selected for this contest. Designing the character was a lot of fun. It was also fun seeing the great designs other people submitted. Thank you so much for holding this contest.

    MediBang Comment

    The transparency effect and the energy that went into this piece made it appealing to us. The color selection and the background design really compliment the character well.


  • MediBang Paint mascot(blue version)

    TitleMediBang Paint mascot(blue version)

    Winner Comment

    My character design is based on cyber punk style, Aegis is an android support system that helps Medibang perform an optimally.

    MediBang Comment

    There are thing that stuck out to us about this design like the inclusion of stylus replacement tip on the costume and the hair style’s resemblance to the MediBang logo. Overall we thought the design was very stylish. We especially loved the green glow on on the uniform.

  • Medibang mascot contest

    TitleMedibang mascot contest

    Winner Comment

    This design is based on MediBang Paint's logo and the jacket inspired by Medibang's work space.
    I enjoyed drawing this entry in Medibang Paint because I can imagine how adorable and cheerful MediBang software would be transformed into gijinka.

    MediBang Comment

    The color choice and atmosphere of this piece were very well done. The futuristic design of the uniform is also amazing. Other things we loved are the MediBang logo placement and the addition companion character.

  • MediBang! mascot design contest!

    TitleMediBang! mascot design contest!

    Winner Comment

    The inspiration for this character came from MediBang, I designed her to look colorful, comfortable and funny.
    Hope you like her.

    MediBang Comment

    We felt this character’s lively expression makes it feel very accessible. The strong use of colors also drew our eye and made it stand out.

Chinese (Simplified)

  • 【100万下载突破纪念】方案01❤


    Winner Comment

    This was my first time spontaneously entering an art contest. Thank you for selecting me as a winner. I think all of the entrants are amazing. I’ll continue to try my best! I think MediBang Paint is a great tool. Thank you for giving me this chance. I’ll be praying for your users to increase. I will work hard and follow my dreams!

    MediBang Comment

    This design is simple and crisp. Using MediBang colors for the hair, clothes and legs really help drive the point home. It really stuck with us after seeing it for the first time.

  • MBP虚拟形象


    Winner Comment

    Thank you for hosting this contest. When I drew this picture in MediBang Paint and I tried to come up with a character, I thought about how easy the software is to use. I imagined MediBang Paint as a cute girl and ended up drawing this picture. Drawing this picture made me really happy. MediBang Paint has so many features in addition to being to use. I’m so happy I found it.

    MediBang Comment

    This is another piece we thought was really well done. We like the uniform details and logo placement. The logged in and logged out mode designs surprised us.

  • Medibang娘


    Winner Comment

    I would like to thank MediBang for giving me a chance to enter this contest. I’m grateful for my friends and teachers who supported me. Because of their support I was able to make it this far. Without them I would probably stop drawing. I’ll keep trying my best to enter more contest in the future and keep drawing.

    MediBang Comment

    We liked the soft vibe of this picture. The details like the MediBang Paint logo colors on the fingernails take this piece to the next level.

Chinese (Traditional)

  • MediBang Paint 官方虛擬形象募集!

    TitleMediBang Paint 官方虛擬形象募集!

    Winner Comment

    I’m so happy my entry was chosen. It’s really an honor. I’m going to keep trying to polish my skills from here on out and produce better art. Thank you so much.

    MediBang Comment

    There weren’t any submissions with MediBang Paint as a magician. We thought this was a fresh concept. MediBang’s logo colors were masterfully used on the hat ribbon, shoes and especially the cloak.

  • 【MediBang Paint 官方虛擬形象募集活動!】小小MP

    Title【MediBang Paint 官方虛擬形象募集活動!】小小MP

    Winner Comment

    Thank you!
    Hearing that people like my art makes me feel grateful.

    MediBang Comment

    The actual appearance for the mascot is its animal form. We thought this was a clever idea. It looks like a cute mascot type character.


  • 메디방페인트 공식 캐릭터의 일러스트 캠페인

    Title메디방페인트 공식 캐릭터의 일러스트 캠페인

    Winner Comment

    Congratulations on your contest. Thank you for choosing my submission. I’m extremely happy my work was chosen. I’ll try my best to keep improving my work.

    MediBang Comment

    This is a very nice design that resemble the MediBang Paint interface.’s logo was also used as cute sub characters.

  • 메디방페인트 공식 캐릭터 응모

    Title메디방페인트 공식 캐릭터 응모

    Winner Comment

    Thank you so much for liking my work enough to give me an award. I wanted to draw an character that was cute, and energetic, with short hair. I hope many more people start using MediBang Paint to create amazing art.

    MediBang Comment

    This entry looked like a bright beautifully colored MediBang Paint angel.The wings/cloak design is great. We also love the addition of the MediBang logo on the chest area, with the MediBang Paint logo on the back. This is a really great submission.