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JUMP's 1st Universal Illustration Contest Results | Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Grand Prize(Prize money of 100,000 yen + signed color illustration + comment from Masashi Kishimoto!)

Masashi Kishimoto's comments

This is an excellent composition! I see there is no line art. When I saw this I said to my self, ""Wow, this artist has good taste!"" Naruto's pose is very well thought out, and it would be nice to have this on my wall! Great drawing skills, great composition, and I can see each character's personality. I have no objections for this piece being the winner!

Runner-Up(Prize money of 30,000 yen + comment from Masashi Kishimoto)

Masashi Kishimoto's comments

Hmm, I see you have a unique taste. The warm mood of the painting is lovely! This is very likely of Naruto and Kakashi. Seeing this on my screen is very heart warming. And boy is this Naruto and Kakashi adorable LOL!

So close to winning!(comment from Masashi Kishimoto)



Masashi Kishimoto's comments

When it comes to drawing skills, I think this is the No1. You're really good! Are you a professional illustrator..!?

Masashi Kishimoto's comments

It's a triple crossover! The lively mood is great!

Masashi Kishimoto's comments

I was not expecting Konan LOL! You have a unique taste. I think this is realy cool!



Masashi Kishimoto's comments

This is very beautiful! I love the small details!