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2nd MCPO AWARD Illustration Section Results | Contest - MediBang!

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Grand Prize(¥150,000 + Worldwide Publication)


Title 大發現

Winner's Comment

I am extremely grateful to the judges for selecting my work. It’s a surprise and an honor to win because my style is similar to a style used for illustrations in children's picture books. I think that I was able to show my abilities with this theme because I have liked dinosaurs since I was a child. I received the Grand Prize, but I know that my technique isn’t perfect. I want to continue to improve it.

Excellence Award(¥100,000)

  • Author

    Winner's Comment

    ※Award Ceremony Comment
    I feel very grateful to have been invited to the award ceremony. There are times when you think, “Is this okay?” when you’re creating something by yourself. However, I think I can see the direction that I will take with future creations due to the sharp critiques that I received. This award encourages me to continue to create.

  • Distinction Award(¥50,000)

    • Winner's Comment

      A glimpse of my hometown, Hong Kong.
      It is my pleasure to be nominated in this contest. This recognition gives me more courage to keep drawing. Thank you very much to all the judges and everyone who help to run the MCPO Award.

    Special Prize(Haruhiko Mikimoto Prize: Signed Book/Ebook)

    • Author 黑猫
      Title 秘密基地

      Winner's Comment

      I think there are still a lot of things that I lack so I want to try harder. As for the story behind the creation of the illustration, “Secret Base”, it was originally a PV illustration that I drew for the song that Yūto (ゆう十様) covered called “Secret Base ~Kimi Ga Kureta Mono~”. Because the cover is non-commercial and illustrations can be created without restrictions, I did the illustration (for free) to practice drawing. I encountered various difficulties while creating it, but I also learned a lot by overcoming them. I want to convey the message “live well and be positive, even in difficult situations” with this work.
      The title “Secret Base” is my interpretation of the piano cover song, Secret Base. My interpretation is that the person is leisurely playing the piano in a secret base that they used to gather at with old friends. The friends are all living different lives and maybe it’s difficult for them to meet now. Perhaps the secret base has decayed, but right now, this person is enjoying the past and future. At the same time, “Secret Base” also represents the person’s mind. The secret base, which appears decayed, signifies that this person is in a difficult situation. The light, flowers, and figure that is playing the piano means that this person feels positive right now.

    Special Prize(Eisaku Kubonо̄chi Prize: Signed Book/Ebook)

    • Title 大發現

      Winner's Comment

      What’s your favorite thing in your childhood? When I was a kid, I was always impressed by the dinosaur at the museum. So I imagine and drew out a little kid discovered a dinosaur fossil in the forest during his adventure.