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3rd MCPO AWARD Illustration Section Results|Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Gold Prize(¥150,000+award certificate+invitation to participate in awards ceremony+award)

Winner's Comment

I am very honored to receive this prestigious golden award. While drawing this work I was thinking about how anxiety from feeling alone has spread throughout the world, and how someone can start to feel as sense of hope again.

Silver Prize(¥100,000+award certificate+complimentary ticket to awards ceremony)


Winner's Comment

I am honored that my work has been recognized. This work is something I drew in the past. I liked the scene of putting various books on a bookshelf, so I drew a library. I also put in a lot of elements I like old-fashion ceiling fans, light bulbs, globes, green sofas, animal specimens, watches, crows, etc. I was able to include all the elements into one picture and drawing it was so much fun. The door in the middle of the picture is shiny, the book is flying, the crows screaming; It's like a scene where a magical boy is about to travel off in the early morning, just like something of magic! I posted it because it seems to fit the theme (haha).

Bronze Prize(¥50,000+award certificate+complimentary ticket to awards ceremony)

Winner's Comment

In my piece ‘Journeying Out’, there is a heavy focus on the environment rather than the people within the artwork. This was different for me because, I usually out more effort into depicting people in my work. The different ways they look, pose, interact, etc. I was honestly very nervous to go about making my piece this way, as drawing natural environments isn’t my strong suit. But this contest put me in a position where I forced myself to expand my talent and skill. For this reason and many others, I am thankful for this opportunity.

Haruhiko Mikimoto Prize

Artistic Prize

Fantasy Prize

Special Prize