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3rd MCPO AWARD Manga Section Results|Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Gold Prize(¥200,000+award certificate+invitation to participate in awards ceremony+award)

Under the cap/Nao & Ivan Navinkin(ロシア)


Winner's Comment

We wanted to tell the story of the creator and creation in the most entertaining way, and we are very pleased that our efforts were so highly appreciated. We are very happy that our manga was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner. Thank you very much!

Silver Prize(¥150,000+award certificate+complimentary ticket to awards ceremony)

영원의 라디아~永遠のラディア~/앵무새



Winner's Comment

This is my first short story manga. I was incredibly happy when I was among the finalist but I am also very honored to be awarded the Silver Award. The truth is that I was wondering "Can my manga be enjoyed in other cultures as well?", but I gained confidence knowing that my work was recognized by creators in Japan, the birthplace of manga. This work is a cartoon that attempts a fantasy approach with the concept of frozen humans. I think there were many missing factors, but thank you for your evaluation. I will do my best to make more interesting comics from now on.

Bronze Prize(¥100,000+award certificate+complimentary ticket to awards ceremony)


LanguageChinese (Traditional)


Winner's Comment

I am very grateful for the recognition you have given my work and for the courage it gave me. When I draw, I often change my art style depending on the feel of the situation. It makes me very happy to be able to share what feelings and impressions I wanted to convey with this story. Thank you to the organizers and judges. Because of you I continue to do my best creating new stories.

Special Prize