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50 Hour Flash Contest: Draw The Gift You Want With All Your Heart Results | Contest - ART street by MediBang

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The Biggest Christmas Gift
Worth around 50,000yen
(Selected gift worth 50,000 yen)

Name of Award: Gaming chair


Memories from the artist

This year was another Christmas where I didn't make any plans. I remember one year ago, I looked at the mirror before work and found a gray hair. I thought to my self "This is the real white Christmas!" and then got depressed. This year, I don't even have plans to go to work because I quit my exhausting job. I am hoping to find a job by next spring. I want to work in web development so I need to do many tasks on my home computer. The chair I have been using for years isn't the best, and I had my eye on this gaming chair. I have a backache, so this model with a cushion on the back really got my attention. I shouldn't buy this while being jobless, so I am wishing I could have this. If I receive the award and find a job, I can draw and do games as much as I want from this chair.

A Big Christmas Gift
Worth around 30,000yen
(Selected gift worth 30,000 yen)

Name of Award: Whole boneless Prosciutto


Memories from the artist

I have to spend this Christmas by my self!! That's so sad!! This sadness will be all gone if a handsome and a genius Sanda Claus woud give me a Nintendo Switch Lite!! (/ω・\) If I had a whole boneless Prosciutto I would be so much stronger!! I wish there was a beautiful Santa who is nice and has a great body besides me!! I... wish.. oooh..

Name of Award: Jaga Pokkuru 24 boxes


Memories from the artist

Whenever I visit Japan, I buy Jaga Pokkuru. My whole family loves Jaga Pokkuru so it's gone in an instant. This year I didn't have the opportunity to visit Japan, so I couldn't have Jaga Pokkuru. I never won a lottery in my life, and recently I couldn't even win the uniform invoice lottery... I never received a Christmas present in my life either, but I wish this Christmas I can win 24 boxes of Jaga Pokkuru. This late Christmas present will be the best New Years present for me. I hope next year, I will have so much Jaga Pokkuru that I wouldn't even be able to eat them all.

A Decent Christmas Gift
Worth around 10,000yen
(Selected gift worth 10,000 yen)

Name of Award: Toy crawler crane


Memories from the artist

I have a son who loves heavy machinery. Recently he has taken interest in sports cars too. Until last week, sports car was his big thing. I looked all over for the toy sports car and a race track that he might enjoy, and waited for Christmas. But 3 days ago... A large crane got his attention, and he asked me before going to bed "The crane will come to our home too right?" I asked "Wha.. what about the sports car?" My son replied "It's not as cool". Me: (゚ω゚)... I know kids can change their mind a lot, but I didn't think they could change this much in just one week. My husband told me I should have checked more. Tomorrow I have to give him a sports car toy that he lost interest in. Dear Santa, please help this unfortunate mother. It doesn't have to be Christmas anymore... I expressed all the passion I have for the toy on this artwork. I hope it shows that. Thank you.

Name of Award: Table tennis blade

The Blade of Hope/dCornYdude

Memories from the artist

I have been playing table tennis since 2016 but until now I never had once a blade to use. Even I compete tournaments I still use the wood of my first hobby bat. It comes to my mind that other players are lucky because their parents are very supportive. I am jealous but I always hide it. I only think that skill cannot be bought. But I also think that the blade is a necessity to produce better gameplay. So I ask my mother if she can buy it for me but she says she won't. I don't want to insist because my family are also having financial issues. I am just doing what I can to lessen the hardship of my parents by being a student-athlete achiever. If I were to win, this will be the greatest gift I will ever receive in my life. I will not affect the budget of my parents, I will never feel weak again in a crowd of table tennis athletes and I will have more confidence in playing the sport I'm passionate about.

Name of Award: Text book "Minna No Nihongo"

Language study books/annieminity

Memories from the artist

To deal with the stress of my final year of high school, I picked up learning Japanese (I love learning languages). I have a few books in japanese from when my dad went on a work trip to Japan, in particular this light novel about what seems to be a girl's adventures and dreams explained with science, but I can't understand most of it! With these textbooks I can further my studies of the language as my way of resting from the stress of being a student! (and finally find out what the science behind the shrinking ray in the book is!!). These textbooks fit my style of learning and have plenty of examples! Even though this falls in the category of "A decent Christmas gift", for me it will be an AWESOME Christmas gift!

Name of Award: Shoes


Memories from the artist

Recently an 88 year old lady told me "You can't use the PayPay app here? You seem to have trouble keeping up with the latest technology", which was a sad but funny experience. Us shoe stores have to deal with customers saying things like "Please find shoes that compliments me" "Which is the normal one?" "Do you know my size?". The worst is when a customer had smelly feet, and I gave him shoe deodorizer. He replied "I'm fine LOL" and didn't use it. It wasn't fine. *cries

Name of Award: Blanket

Gift I want/gon


Memories from the artist

It's been cold these days. I had no one to spend Christmas with and I'm getting more freezing. I want a blanket that warms me up and my heart(๑´ω`๑) ゚.+:。身も心も温めてくれるブランケットが欲しいです!

Name of Award: Manga "Fullmetal Alchemist" complete set

강철의 연금술사(鉄の錬金術師)/シンユウ

Memories from the artist

I am a freshman in highschool, who wants to enter Kyoto Seika University. I want to make a parody manga and also learn Japanese, so I want the Japanese version of my favorite manga, "Fullmetal alchemist". However it's very expensive and I can't ask my parents to buy it. If I receive this as a Christmas present, I will do my best to enter the University. Thank you.

Name of Award: Pillow


Memories from the artist

"Tomorrow.. I'll do better tomorrow. Santa, please let me forget it all for now. Please give me good sleep.

Special award
"Our company president had an
unopened one of a different model number,
so we'll send it to you award"

Name of Award: Grass cutter

Memories from the artist

My dad used to mow the lawn, but he passed away on November last year. Since this spring, I am mowing the lawn. The problem is, the lawn mower my dad used is too heavy! It's for professional use and exhausts me, but I can't just stop mowing and let the grass grow out. This year has been rough... This year I wish to be able to mow the lawn with a lighter grass cutter! If I receive it by spring, it's in time for the lawn mowing season!

Special award
"The staffs will praise you"

Name of Award: Want to be praised by the staffs

Memories from the artist

I need more comfort...!!!*If you overdo it, I will get carried away LOL.