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[100 hour limit] 2021 event - Draw the gift you want.  Tell us how much you want it.  You might receive the gift. Results

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The Biggest Christmas Gift
Worth around 50,000yen
A gift you selected that is about 50,000 yen

Prize: Expensive Office Chair


Comments from 968(クロハチ)

Online classes, projects, job searches and drawing... Recently, I've been doing everything sat down. And my body screams in pain every day.
I'm sick of this routine !!
All I want is to draw illustrations "normally" and revive my body for a happy life !!
So I really need this chair ! Please I really do !!

Comments from ART street

Very keenly feeling the importance of normality as we get involved in abnormal things these days.
I felt so much sympathy for your earnest yet simple desire to just work on illustrations normally.
We will send you the very best gift, so please enjoy working in the best environment ever !

A Big Christmas Gift
Worth around 30,000yen
A gift you selected that is about 30,000 yen

Prize: Dishwasher / Dryer


Comments from 耶麻口純

I've been getting cracked skin with the constant disinfection and dish washing.
I don't want to touch cold water but the dishes won't clean with water and I end up using too much detergent. My hands get worse with hot water but using the gloves won't help with cleaning and I have to rewash everything.

I want it but it's too luxurious to finance it from my living expenses.
I won't let go of this opportunity !!

Please get me this gift !

Comments from ART street

I understand the pain of working around the sinks during this season.
And the continuous disinfection creating more damage too...

Healthy hands are the valuable for artists !
We will send you this gift so you can care for your hands, hoping you will continue to draw illustrations forever !

Prize: Standing Desk


Comments from くくれ

I've been spending a lot of time drawing these days and now my chair has been torturing me every day.
I want a desk I can use without a chair !
And I want to adjust the height when my cat finds me !

Comments from ART street

The body always starts aching after spending a long time on illustrations.
And you can get interrupted when there's a cat in your working environment...
I hope you make use of this desk and continue your illustrations in a peaceful environment !!

A Decent Christmas Gift
Worth around 10,000yen
A gift you selected that is about 10,000 yen

Prize: Facial Beauty Device + Moisturizing Gel Set


Comments from もぐさまる。

The eyebags from never ending tasks on the laptop, more wrinkles and slacks on my skin, and the milia too. On top of all that, my metabolism worsens every year and now I even tear up while drawing cute girls for my job. None of my skincare has been improving the skin and of course there are no facial salons in this rural area, standing 800m in altitude between the mountains... Even if I get told it's too late, I want to try out the facial treatment products ! This all might sound shameful but I'm hoping to get this gift... !

Comments from ART street

I know there's a limit to how much you can spend on skincare when you have a family.
Your age and where you live, none of that matters, nothing is shameful about wanting a beauty treatment !
We will send you this facial beauty device so I hope you make great use of it.

Prize: Animal Cage


Comments from 天下酢

I want a new cage for my very very very cute rabbit Gomao !
My little cute Goma is a little fat so the one I own is a little too small... And it's also been in use for 3 years so it rattles too (the metal parts came off when I lifted it a while ago !).
This is not a gift for me but for my cute cute Goma !

With this size, it will be big enough for my cute chubby baby...!

Please send me this gift for my very very cute Goma !!!!

Comments from ART street

Pets are precious family members too.
You want to make sure your family lives in the safest environment right ?
We will send you a new cage, in hopes for your rabbit to grow into a healthy chubby baby !

Prize: Anatomy Drawing Book


Comments from シロル

I'll get straight to the point ! I want the anatomy drawing book by RockHe Kim !!!

I found out about this book from an illustrator who I love and respect.
As a full time worker, I have very little free time to myself and I spend all that time drawing but recently, I've been stuck trying to improve with my illustration skills. Then when I found this book, RockHe Kim's slogan "'Run through the shortcut" hit my heart.

If the administration team gives me this gift, I'm burning ready to become super duper good at drawing by using this book as many times as I can to the point it tatters ! (Lol)
For this post, I drew myself drawing my ideal illustration after practising a million times with this book.

I want to become a godly illustrator by practicing and studying art.
Please pick my gift.

Comments from ART street

I felt your passion for aspiring to improve at art, finding the time to draw while working full time !
We will send your desired book so I hope it helps you when practicing.
And I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on ART street ! Please post your illustrations as you practise !

Prize: Trace Table


Comments from オレンジはさみ

In this age, everyone draws digitally and everything is done digitally... but analog hasn't died yet !
The warm touches and unexpected mixing of colors you can't find in digital drawings...
There are so much to analog drawing and I want to promote all the charms that come with it !
When you draw in analog, having a tracing table changes everything about the working environment.
I recently started drawing manga too but without a tracing table, I have to erase the rough draft etc. and it takes so much time. I've been really feeling the power trace tables hold...
So, I want this tracing table as my gift ! The A3 size creates a pleasant working space as it is one size bigger than the B4 sized papers for manga. I really want to spend a happy analog drawing lifestyle by making this mine ! Please get me this gift !

Comments from ART street

Even if digital drawings are becoming the norm, the excellence of analog drawings nevet gets old.
Thank you for telling us your passion for analog drawings, we will gift you the trace table !
On ART street, we will continue to open contests with analog drawing themes so I hope you use the trace table to draw your future submissions !

Prize: Electronic Footbath

(再投稿) まだ若い(と思う)のに、欲しい物はお年寄りプレゼントとしてお勧められたフットバスです。

Comments from レイン(っ´ω`c)

Merry Christmas !

The gift I really want the most is a footbath.
I tend to have cold feets and hands so I really love going to hot springs. But due to COVID, I haven't been able to go to Japan... (I have plans for working holidays too இдஇ)
So I got recommended to try footbaths and I started the footbath routine this winter.

I realized I've been sleeping better with my hands and toes getting warmed up after starting the footbath ! Every night, I check my phone while soaking my feet in warm water.

However, I couldn't find good footbaths so I'm currently using a laundry bucket...
I first was satisfied with the laundry bucket but once I got used to it, it's too small and the warm water cools down too quickly.
And I found a good electronic footbath on Amazon so I would like to request it for my gift !
I want to spend a warm winter with my family ! I hope everyone tries footbaths too !

(By the way, when I was searching for footbaths, it came with keywords searches like "Gifts for elderlies", "Gifts for the respect for the aged day"... I felt sad...)

I can't use Japanese electronics in Hong Kong (I will need an adapter) so I will be choosing the footbath I want from Amazon UK.

Comments from ART street

Although you couldn't come to Japan due to COVID, I was touched by the message and how you managed to find the right ways to care for your body.
We will send you the footbath so I hope you enjoy your own little hot spring at home.
And when everything is back to normal, I hope you come visit Japan and enjoy the hot springs here again !!

Prize: Shoulder Massager

サヨナラ カタコリ!

Comments from 空木 ヨウ

Have you ever been told "Your scalp is stiff" ?
Well, I have.

I've been having troubles with shoulder and neck stiffness for quite a long time.
Sometimes I get shoulder massages during the wait for perms and hairdyes at the hair salon but I always get told "You have really bad stiffness".
And one day, the hairdresser told me "Your scalp is stiff".
Apparently, stiff necks and shoulders can cause other near muscles to get stiff as well, including the scalp.
(There are other reasons the scalp can get stiff too but in I got told that it's definitely the shoulder stiffness in my case)
I can't help but be surprised that my shoulder stiffness has affected my scalp too.
I do my best to massage my shoulder with my hands but it doesn't seem to be effective.
I just really need to relieve the prime cause of everything, my shoulder stiffness. Please send me this gift.

Comments from ART street

The nightmare for all mankind, I know the pain of shoulder stiffness.
I didn't know it could affect the scalp too.
I think leaving this problem would eventually make you a stiff-man with all body parts stiffened so I would like to gift you this massager.
I hope you get your healthy body back and continue to draw illustrations all you want !

Prize: A set of 36 colors of painting materials from a famous brand.

Author おおを

Comments from おおを

I have used this painting material in a class before and they gave me basic colors such as red, yellow, and blue without charge. These are water based markers, so I can take it easier than when I paint with alcohol markers. I tend to be unadventurous when I paint my drawings, so these markers are very easy for me to use.
I can mix colors, but I thought it would be better to have more markers to extend my range of expression, and wanted to get a set of 36 markers. However, the set was too expensive and I could not find any place that sells it near me when I tried to buy a few colors that I especially wanted to get.
This is why I applied for the contest and asked you to give me a set of 36 markers.
I am not using painting materials for analogue drawings lately, so I would like to enjoy analogue drawings by using this opportunity.

Btw, the reason I don’t have enough money to buy markers is because all of my money goes towards my favorite character!!!!! Awww…. My fave is so pretty…..I’m crying because of him being cool…………. I love my fave……. Please live long and be healthy……. (I’m gonna draw him 🙂)

Comments from ART street

I see! So, you are learning about paintings at your school!
I will give you the set of art materials you requested as a present so that you can enjoy your hobbies and focus on studying at the same time!
Please make the most of our gift and draw your fave’s illustration cuter and cooler than ever.
We all are looking forward to seeing your illustration on ARTstreet!

Prize: Polaroid Instant Camera

Please grant my wish, Medibang Santa! 🎅🎁

Comments from pinkterraces

2021 was a rough year for me and my family. Feels like a year that gives me lemons everyday, in every corner of my life. Lots of tears, tiredness, and bad things happened. Sadness and numbness trying to cripple me, but I always try to do my best not to succumb to it. (Still trying)
Drawing is my hobby, and even though I haven't got the best skill, I can feel a bit of happiness when drawing.

In 2021, I couldn't even buy decent things from my wishlist 🎁 (so sad, right)
But, via this contest, I hope my art can get me this present. This is something I've wanted since long, and by this gift I hope to make and capture the best moments in Life.
Also, a kind reminder for myself and whoever reading this, please believe there's light at the end of the tunnel. 頑張ってください💕

Comments from ART street

2021 was a rough year for all of us, but you tried to refresh your feelings by drawing.
I would like you to receive the gift from us as a representative of those who worked so hard in a difficult situation like this! I hope this gift can support you until you find a light at the end of the tunnel!