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Which pet lover are you?!  Dogs vs Cats Illustration Contest Results | Contest - ART street by MediBang

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General Comments

This was our first VS contest, but the battle was more than we expected!

We received 556 Dog illustrations and 1150 Cat illustrations. Total of 1706 illustrations!

Cat lovers were outnumbering dog lovers from the start, and they ended up being twice the amount. Wow Cat lovers!

Should we give cats some catnip and tuna, since they seem to be the popular one all over the world...?

Sorry dog lovers, but maybe this made you stronger as a team..!

Thank you very much for participating and sending us many illustrations!

Fur-ever Pawsome(50,000 yen)




TitleCat bar

Top Dog(10,000 yen)

Gold Meowdalist(10,000 yen)

Paws-itivity Prize(10,000 yen)