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FUN'S PROJECT x ART street Celebrating the new ART street Resources - Using our background image contest

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I was very surprised to see how a single background could be transformed into a diverse world through your imagination!
The skill with which you put your imagination together in a single illustration was amazing, and I could feel the story in each scene. I enjoyed judging all the works that showed how much they enjoyed drawing and how much they were challenging.
FUN'S PROJECT COLLEGE will continue to make various efforts to help you who want to be a creator.

Ms. Mikako Komatsu and Ms. Natsuori Ishihara, personalities of
"FUN'S PROJECT LAB by Mikako Komatsu and Natsuori Ishihara",
a radio program provided by FUN'S PROJECT on Bunka Hoso at the time,
also participated in the judging.


Comment by Mikako Komatsu

I felt as if a story was overflowing from a picture in the work.
Your imagination is so stimulating that even the real world in my eyes looks so vivid! My mind was cleansed...!

Comment by Ishihara Kaori

Each work has a different view of the world, and I felt that everyone had wonderful illustrations!
The designs and use of colors were so attractive that it was difficult to choose.
I was able to learn a lot of expressions from everyone's pictures.
I wanted to try to imitate them too!

Using the background Image division Grand Prize 30,000 yen

Author 2147
Title blue

Comments from FUN'S PROJECT

I was drawn into this world the moment I saw the illustrations! I was very attracted by the novel idea of turning a familiar classroom into a fantastic scene.

Using the background Image division Excellence Award 10,000 yen

Comments from FUN'S PROJECT

While using the background material very well, the illustration combines various expressions into a single canvas, and the more you look at it, the more you realize that it is full of emotion.

Comments from FUN'S PROJECT

I felt as if I had tripped into the forest hundreds of years later. This illustration gives me the urge to actually visit this classroom.

Comments from FUN'S PROJECT

I liked the way you used the background material as part of the illustration instead of using it as is. I was also fascinated by the composition of the illustration, which focused on one of the memories.

Coloring the background image division Selected Winner 5,000 yen