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JUMP TEZUKA MANGA CONTEST 100th Anniversary - Oversea Department Special Award winners' works are on Weekly Shonen Jump No.15 Digital Edition! These works are translated into Japanese. Congratulations!

It is now available on the Japan apps such as Jump+ and zebrak.

The Tezuka Manga Award is a long established tradition of Shonen Jump. With the amazing judges, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary. Having an overseas division was new to us, but we received almost 2500 entries.

We have selected 2 entries for the 1st prize, 2 entries for the 2nd prize, and 4 entries for the honorable mentions. We were able to discover a lot of amazing entries!

Final words from the judges

Many entries were full of energy and was a great experience to read, despite the long pages. The artwork of ""Armados"" is sloppy, but it had the feeling of something you couldn't help but draw on your notebook during class. So I recommended it. It was fun to read!

Takehiko Inoue

I had fun looking at all the different art styles. The one downside is that many entrants of the overseas division seems to not know the difference between a one shot manga, and a continued series. That made the judging difficult. As I was reading the mangas, I was able to reaffirm that manga is enjoyed all over the world. I hope they keep creating while not losing the cultural aspect or the art style that is unique to their background.

Eiichiro Oda

First of all, I was truly amazed at the level of art skills and writing. Some of the entries had a full grasp of the "Japanese manga grammar" (a technique to make the images look as if it is moving with panel layouts and composition), which was unexpected. They had unique ideas that would never come from a Japanese artist, while keeping the "Japanese manga grammar". I felt really happy to see that.

Kazue Kato

The entries were full of energy and I enjoyed reading them. I could tell many of the entrants has read and studied a lot of Japanese manga, and I did not feel any awkwardness while reading. Due to this being an overseas contest, the entries were full of diversity, which felt very refreshing and fascinating.

Akira Toriyama

I don't know if this was due to the different cultures, or personalities, but there were many unique expressions, and I had a lot of fun. Many entrants are able to think outside the box. Even though I am the judge, I learned something. I had a realization, "Oh, manga is allowed to be this free spirited".

Kouhei Horikoshi

Overall, the art skills were very high, and I can tell the entrants has read a lot of Japanese manga. However, I noticed that many emotions are expressed in a repetitive way, and lacks depth. Also, perhaps due to cultural differences, there were many awkward scenes, and the character development was difficult to relate to.

Tezuka Productions

General comment

The overseas department held as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Tezuka award has received diverse artwork from all over the world. We are happy to discover so many talented manga artist with amazing art skills and ways to tell their story. The entries had an out of the box thinking, and was free spirited, which all the judges admired.
On the other hand, being able to summarize the story within the limited number of pages, or the way to express the character's emotions had room for improvement. In the future, we hope the artists put more thoughts into how the manga looks like from the reader's point of view, and create manga that is easier to read.
We hope that there will be an artist that would eventually achieve a worldwide success, using this award as a stepping stone.

1st prize2 million yen &
published on "Weekly Shonen Jump" (e-book version) &
invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo

This was very fun to read!!!! There's nothing negative I can say about it. (Horikoshi)
The artwork is amazing. So is the action scenes. (Oda)
The artwork is truly amazing. (Toriyama)



This has an energy that should not be left undrawn. I like the humor too. (Inoue)
Very interesting!!!! It's very energetic. (Horikoshi)
The action scenes are satisfying. (Oda)

2nd prize1 million yen &
published on "Weekly Shonen Jump Special Edition" (e-book version) &
invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo

Without a doubt, the aesthetics of the characters and monsters are very powerful. (Nakano, editor in chief of WJ)
The artwork is very detailed, and I can see the artist has great skills. (Tezuka Productions)

The art skills are too good. On top of that, it's very easy to read. (Kato)
The artwork, story, structure... everything is done with a lot of effort. (Toriyama)

Honorable mention500,000 yen & invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo



The art style makes it easy to read. The artist is good at creating the flow of the story and highlighting the important scenes. (Tezuka Production)
It is well organized. (Nakano, editor in chief of WJ)


The comedy and cheerfulness is guaranteed. (Inoue)
The vibe is nice, and it's easy to read. (Kato)

The story and characters are more solid than I expected. (Yoshida editor in chief of SQ)
I think this has potential. (Toriyama)

The artist has an eye for good composition. (Yoshida editor in chief of SQ)
It's a shame this is not a one shot manga, but I like the atmosphere! The main character is cute. (Oda)