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Kyoto International Manga Anime Award 2021 Illustration Contest| Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Grand Prize Award 100,000 yen + invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair(Announcement at the award ceremony)
※The grand prize winner has been selected from the CG Anime Contest (Held at DoGA)

CG Anime Contest Judge Comment by Mr. Kamada

All the judges gave this one a perfect score! This is the first time in the history of this contest that the judges gave perfect scores nanimously.
The video and the content are perfect.
I would like to introduce this terrific talent to everyone in Kyoto.

Excellence Award 50,000 yen + Invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair

Comments from Eight Nakamura

The high level of artistry and cohesiveness of this work is eye-catching. The selection of motifs that make it fun to look anywhere is also excellent, and I never get tired of looking at them.

Comments from Sugata

The city of Kyoto from a foreigner's perspective is very interesting.

Comments from VOFAN

The Ukiyoe art style is very novel. I can feel the artist's dedication through the illustrated local products of Kyoto.

Runner-up Award 30,000 yen + Invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair

Comments from Sugata

The composition and color choices are beautiful. If the body painting is perfect then it would be even better.

Comments from VOFAN

The light and shadow on the characters and their kimonos are draw in detail, and the contrast between blue and red is striking.

Finalist 10,000 yen

Author Calder
Title 散歩道

Comments from VOFAN

The morning light is so fresh, and the detailed and beautiful drawing is wonderful.

Comments from Eight Nakamura

It has impact! I feel as if it is based on the artist's actual experience, and it seems to me the picture strongly depicts the "memorable travel" he had.

Comments from Eight Nakamura

The frog taking off his hat reminds me of fun accidents during trips. I also like the way the winding composition expresses the journey.

Comments from VOFAN

The characters are lively and cute, and the locations are realistically drawn, they make mewant to visit them all.

Special Jury Award 10,000 yen + Invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair
※The Special Jury Award winner has been selected from the Manga Contest

Comments from Rin

The art design shows good taste. Chapter 1 has a fantastical analogue feel and the world is carefully crafted, but I got the impression there was too much of the characters' work environment described than the story.

The drawings are appealing so I'd like to read a work that is more conscious of depicting the characters' emotion and the drama structure.

Comments from Fujita

I was shocked by the unexpected submission of a fully watercolored analog manuscript. I would first like to commend you for completing such a large number of pages. It's hard to give grade the first chapter since it's mainly an introduction of the characters, but the second chapter was nicely organized and was pleasant to read. It would be good if you could continue to draw heartwarming stories that make people want to live in this town, but if you could also draw how demons are dangerous, which would add depth to the worldview and make it even more interesting.