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Grand Prize Award 100,000 yen + invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair

Author Nalu
Title Tio-Mia

Comments from Rin

I enjoyed judging because we had a variety of manga works that were enthusiastic and challenging this year. We could see the different values from different cultural backgrounds in each story and it made us reconsider the possibility of expressions through manga. Films and anime are usually created by many people, thus teamwork is required. On the other hand, manga is a media in which individuals can reflect their personal value, although it can be read by people around the world. Drawings can resonate with anyone regardless of their language and culture. We believe that any of you can create a manga that is read and enjoyed by readers from all over the world if you keep being passionate about creations, keep drawing and keep improving your skill.

Comments from Goto

Most of the parts are still rough, but I could see the high potential this author has based on the drawing, direction, and structure of this work. Although it has mysterious and serious views on its story, I didn’t get bored while reading because the dialogue between a girl named “Mia” and “Tio” who is the forest deity and its guardian was gratifying. It’s well balanced. This author certainly has potential for growth.

Comments from Fujita

The author could make it perfect if they expressed Mia’s emotion and Tio's sternness at a higher level. The point I want to evaluate the most is that the author made the story more satisfying by making the last scene hopefull.

Excellence Award 50,000 yen + Invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair

Author Nanase_K
Title 夏休み

Comments from Sugata

This work is well drawn and has a unique atmosphere. To think about it, it is difficult to find a place like this where you can see fireworks clearly without being bothered by other people, so we can see this as a fantasy.

Comments from VOFAN

The mood and atmosphere of those two enjoying fireworks together in a quiet place is elegant and this is exactly what the beauty of Japan is like.

Runner-up Award 30,000 yen + Invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair

Author 画々市

Comments from Eight Nakamura

Quiet and calm, but not plain. It’s well balanced. Expression on her face is also beautiful.

Comments from Sugata

It’s a beautiful and interesting illustration with the theme of Hanafuda.

Comments from VOFAN

This illustration is well designed and her profile is beautiful and attractive.

Finalist 10,000 yen

Author tefu
Title 華逍遥

Comments from Eight Nakamura

Brightness of its coloring and display of motifs were excellent and caught my eyes. I think this illustration is fabulous and visually attractive.
Author AKIRA 秋ら
Title 四季折々

Comments from Eight Nakamura

Fascinating and charming. Detailed Japanese patterns contrast with her clear skin and it enhances her charm.

Comments from Sugata

Composition and coloring of the illustration is very beautiful. I think this can be used as a commercial poster.

Special Jury Award 10,000 yen + Invitation to the Kyoto International Anime Manga Fair

Author ちぃとら
Title 水月鏡花

Comments from Sugata

I thought the composition and subject matter was outstanding from the others. How fantastic and wonderful.