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General Comment

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the many fan art submissions of the world's famous paintings.
All of your works are so lovely and charming that time escaped me and I had a hard time deciding which one to hang in my gallery...
I would like to introduce the works of the "ART street Gallery Award" below, so please take your time to look at them.


We would like to inform you that some of the banners and samples submitted to the contest contained homage works of "artists who died before 1900s", which do not meet the requirements of this contest.
Because we have caused some misunderstandings with fanart requirements, we are sorry to exclude some of the contest entries from the judge's review.
I would like to express my deepest apologies to all participants for this decision, and I will make sure such misunderstanding will not occur in the future.
We look forward to your future partcipations to ART street contests.

ART street Gallery Award 10,000 yen

Comments from ART street gallery

The woman in the kimono is very beautiful, which fits perfectly with the hibiscuses' flower language. The anthropomorphic sparrow is also a wonderful piece of fan art that adds to the charm of "Sparrow on a Hibiscus".

Comments from ART street gallery

It looks like the girl with the pearl earring posted a photo on her Instagram, which it looks as if she has time traveled to modern day. I wonder if this is what the girl would look like if she is in modern times...

Comments from ART street gallery

This illustration is eye-catching and convinces me that "if Joseph Ducreux were an animal, he would be a bird." The artist who drew this illustration is Mogu Masaru. As Mr. Mogu says, it is a nice piece of fan art that celebrates self-portraits, almost as if it's not drawn by a royal court painter.

Comments from ART street gallery

The picture of a modern boy floating in the river with his guitar is very emotional. I can imagine this boy sinking into the sound, just as the original "Ophelia" is drowning in the river.
Author Vodka87
Title Zodiacat

Comments from ART street gallery

The twelve zodiac signs depicted in the form of cats, looks like if it was drawn by artist Myusha. The details of the painting are also changed into cats which adds to its inexplicable charm.